In a perfect world, the human body would have even fat distribution, and spot-reduction would be possible. If ONLY!

You may have noticed that there are areas in the body that stay just that bit flabby despite your best efforts. That little bit of fat that seems impossible to get rid of is called... you guess it, stubborn fat!

Whether you're forgoing animal products for environmental or personal reasons, or out of concern for animal welfare, be sure to follow these considerations to meet your nutritional needs.

We all know rest is one of the most important ingredients for success, but what happens when you’re tired and don’t feel like training? I find myself in overtraining, impending sickness, or even as a result of a late night out.

The question remains: should you train when you're tired? 

26th Jul 2017

Training After an Injury

Injuries happen every now and then - and are sometimes unavoidable. Here are some tips to hasten your recovery and reduce your risk of suffering the same injury again!

Love that something sweet? Find out why you should cut down on adding sugar to your diet!

Weight training has so many benefits to offer, it should be a MUST for both genders! However, misinformation, myths, and false beliefs mean that many women can find convincing reasons not to lift weights.

I find myself away from home more often than not these days, and can understand the struggle to stay in check and be good when you're removed from your familiar surroundings.

This is definitely a question that I am asked often from my WBK girls and I'm here to help you enjoy your vacation time way from home!

When it comes to healthy foods, I can eat as much as I like right? WRONG!

Calories are calories regardless of whether they come from good or bad sources - of course, we always want to prioritize getting most of our nutrients from whole food sources.

Find out the tipping poit for healthy (but high-calorie) foods!

Here are 7 reasons why traditional diets almost always fail and what you can do to avoid making these costly mistakes!

Have you been longing to get in shape? A fat loss diet is usually the first thought on anyone’s mind when it comes to getting that body ready for the summer. 


BUT - it’s no good trimming down if you have nothing to display underneath! We need a solid muscular foundation to display when the fat finally peels away, or you will look like you are all skin, and bones!

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