2020 is here!!! This time of the year is when everyone is making BIG plans for the year ahead. Creating goals for themselves… Wanting to lose weight? Build muscles (build peaches)? Career goals? Life goals? Financial goals? Or maybe a little of all the above. I am so excited to be taking on 2020, and have huggeeee plans for the year ahead, but there is one thing that I want to be overarching the entirety of my year...

If you are just beginning your health and fitness journey, you may be a little bit confused about where to start with your nutrition (and who can blame you!). There is so much information out there these days from magazines, internet articles and of course Instagram! A lot of this content can be contradictory however, so starting your journey can be tough. I am here to give you my top tips on eating a wholesome and nutrient-dense diet!

There are so many ways to be more environmentally friendly, with new reusable products being released every day! The phrase ‘CARBON FOOTPRINT’ may be something that you’ve seen pop up here and there - bamboo toothbrushes, reusable plastic bags, keep cups or airlines giving you the option to contribute to carbon offsets from your flight. But, what exactly is a carbon footprint, what does it mean for the environment and how can you do your part?

13th Nov 2019

The Best Food for Gains

I often get asked by girls ‘what is the best food to eat to grow my glutes?’, so I am going to answer that in detail! We know that a progressive training program that targets your glutes is an absolute must for any lower body growth, however, nutrition plays just as much of an important role in the process.

Everyone wants to know how quickly they will see results, and whether they can possibly see a substantial amount in a short period of time. The answer is YES you can see results within the first few weeks of starting a new program and nutrition plan, however, there are a few factors that will affect the extent of those results.

28th Oct 2019

Training Myths

In today’s fitness world, I get so many questions around training - specifically about resistance training and cardio. So today I am going to debunk the most common myths that I hear on a regular basis!

When you open up your Instagram, do you feel happy and inspired or do you find that it always puts you in a bad mood? If your feed is causing you to feel bad about yourself (whether it be your appearance, body, life or job) then it is time to reevaluate your social media!

Pre-workout nutrition can be super important and is very unique to each individual person. Some may find that they perform best in the gym when they have not eaten, whereas others need something in their stomach to train at all! There is no one way that it should be done, however, I have some tips and tricks to share for whether you are eating beforehand or not.

Building strong and lean muscle gives our bodies a beautiful shape, but this also has many benefits that you may not know about! I am about to drop some awesome reasons why you should be getting thicc, in case you didn’t already have enough!

20th Aug 2019

Eat Properly, Not Less

Even in the absence of excess body weight, a lot of girls are self-conscious of their stomachs, and it can sometimes seem as though losing that little bit of belly fat is impossible. Luckily, this isn’t the case! There are lots of factors that affect your body depositing fat. Nutrition and exercise are the two most obvious and easy to change components, so we are going to delve deeper into this! This is one of the reasons that I started by Workouts By Katya programs, so I could give you girls the tools to know how to overcome these hurdles.

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