10 things you can do TODAY to help the environment

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It doesn’t take a huge budget and an empty schedule to help make a difference to our Earth’s future. This week I want to let you know that there are plenty of easy, everyday actions you can take that won’t break the bank, but will do a lot to help improve our negative impact on the environment.

1. Take your own reusable shopping bags

Be conscious when shopping

We’ve all seen the devastating pics of beautiful crystal clear waters filled with plastic bag rubbish, or sea life wrapped in plastic, unable to swim, not to mention the plastic that is sitting in landfill because it cannot be broken down. Reusable bags are cute, versatile and can cost barely anything (or a little more if you wanna be a bit extra when you’re grocery shopping). Leave them in the car or hang them by your front door so you always have them handy for your next trip to the store!

2. Get a reusable water bottle

Blessed Bottle

80% of the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfill. So why not grab yourself a cute Blessed Protein reusable water bottle that looks amazing, and helps the environment. Keep one in the car, one in your gym bag and one at home, coz you know hydration is a priority!

3. Get a keep cup

Even though most take away coffee cups look like they’re made of paper, they actually contain plastic that cannot be broken down! You’re gonna need to pick yourself up a keep cup or two and say no to disposables from now on!

4. Go meat-free

Meat Free

Whether it's for a day, a week, a month or for good, decreasing your consumption of animal products will have a hugely beneficial impact on the environment, not mention your health. And it is a positive move for supporting animal rights! You can start with just you, or even try encouraging your friends, family, and coworkers to get on board for meat-free Mondays or more! If you’re giving up meat for more than a few days, you know I got you! I have plant-based meal plans and a guide to Transitioning to Cleaner Eating to help you thrive on a meat-free diet! Click here to check out which of my vegan plans would be best for you.

5. Say NO to plastic straws

The USA uses 500 million plastic straws EVERY DAY so the cumulative negative all over the world is seriously mind-boggling! They cause the death of countless marine animals and seabirds and take up to 200 years to decompose. So make sure you say ‘NO THANKS’ when buying a drink, or better yet, get a reusable set of your own.

6. Swap your toothbrush for bamboo

White Teeth

This is something we all use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. That means that if we all swap our plastic toothbrushes for bamboo, we can potentially make such a difference to plastic pollution all over the world! There is a bonus to bamboo toothbrushes - some of them can whiten your teeth, so you know you wanna make the change!

7. Say NO to plastic cutlery

When getting take out to your home make sure you specify that you DON’T NEED CUTLERY! Rather than using the plastic knife and fork provided and then throwing them out, just use what you already have! Some fast food joints now provide eco-friendly cutlery alternatives so speak with your dollars and opt for these restaurants over places that provide plastic options.

8. Pick a bag-free tea

Green Tea

Did you know that someone who drinks 5 cups of tea a day will go through around 43 square feet of paper each year from the tea bag! The bleaches used to dye the tea bags may also expose us to harmful toxins and the waste from the tea bags and leaves go straight to landfill. So do yourself and the environment a favor by getting yourself a tea diffuser and some loose leaf tea!

9. Recycle


You gotta take your trash out anyways, so why not set up a recycling system in your own home and divide up your trash from your recyclables. You can even take bottles and cans to a collection point and get a few $$$ in return for your hard work.

10. Choose biodegradable trash bags

Just like plastic shopping bags, the trash bags you use each and every day do not break down, they just sit in landfill and pollute our oceans and waterways. So opt for biodegradable trash bags that are just a teeny bit more expensive but do a whole world of good!

These are just a handful of the everyday swaps and steps you can take towards helping improve your health and the environment! If all of these seem overwhelming, why not just try out 1 thing each week until you have incorporated all of them into your life.

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