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As 2018 is winding up it’s got me looking back on an amazing year Workouts By Katya has had!

I feel so blessed to be able to reach all of my #WBKgirls in every corner of the globe, and truly appreciate every single one of you! I have spent the year hustling towards a better version of myself and I took a few moments recently to look back on some of the highlights for Workouts By Katya in 2018.

So what did 2018 look like???

Your favorite Instagram post

My home booty workout!

I bet you babes will be making the most of the holidays to get in a few home training sessions, make sure you give this one a go!

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds (each side) one after the other, no breaks! Take a rest after you can have completed all the exercises and then complete 3 rounds. Enjoy!

  • • Curtsy Lunge

  • • Swiss ball passes - feet to hands

  • • Swiss ball leg curls

  • • Fire hydrants

  • • Leg rotation

  • • Single leg glute bridge

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My best #WBKgirl Transformation of 2018 goes to...


This bootylicious babe used my 8 Week Booty Builder to take her peach to the next level!

Shemmai went from skinny to curvy in 2018 and is embracing her full, womanly figure.

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The most read WBK Blog of 2018

Which Type of Cardio?

This blog explained the difference between HIIT and LISS cardio and helped my #WBKgirls choose which was best for them. Check it out here!

Now ya’ll know I have been working hard on my Youtube Vids for all my babes out there. I love Youtube because it gives me the chance to show you guys the real me, quirky dorky and random! Plus I can show you how I train, whether it’s in the gym or at home. So it’s no surprise your favorite Katya Elise Henry Youtube video this year was a workout!


What was my #WBKgirls favorite Training Plan in 2018?

8 Week Booty Builder Gym Workout Program

It’s no wonder this was my most popular training plan, it helps you create that slim thicc hourglass figure. You’ll be amazing the change you’ll see in just 8 short weeks of working hard in the gym!

You get an 8 week comprehensive training plan, where you can choose your experience level and will be in the gym 4-6 days a week. I will help you progress as the weeks go by to make sure your body is being challenged by your workouts. This is the key to growing curves in the right places!

In January 2018 I launched my very first pair of Workouts By Katya Leggings, and Oh. My. Gosh! You have all blown me away with how much you love them! And let me just say, my #WBKgirls look amazing in my workout wear!!!

Booty Builder

But which pair of Leggings has been your favorite this year?

Lavender Purple Signature Thermo Leggings

Thermo Leggings

There you have it babes - the year that was for Workouts By Katya in 2018!

The question we need to answer now is, how do we top it in 2019???

Make sure you are following my fitness account @workouts_by_katya to stay up to date with everything Katya Elise Henry and fitness and to see how my WBK army lifts their game in the new year!

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