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2020 is here!!! This time of the year is when everyone is making BIG plans for the year ahead. Creating goals for themselves… Wanting to lose weight? Build muscles (build peaches)? Career goals? Life goals? Financial goals? Or maybe a little of all the above. I am so excited to be taking on 2020, and have huggeeee plans for the year ahead, but there is one thing that I want to be overarching the entirety of my year. Yes, I obvi want to be continuing to work on the gains and staying tight up top… But more than that…I want to keep on LOVING my body in all stages of the journey! Confidence has, and always will be the reason that no matter what your shape or size will make you radiate beauty. I remember when I thought that being skinny = confident. How wrong was I! Little did I know that as soon as I embraced every part of me and put on more weight than ever that I would have liberated my soul and become more confident than ever!

So, what is my secret to building CONFIDENCE? It is the perfect balance of working out, eating well, practising self-love and embracing every moment life has to offer. I preach these on the daily and today I’m going to tell you why you need to do the same! 

One of my New Year's resolutions this year, and many of my #WBKgirls have the same one, is to continue to be kinder to myself (believe me I still have the days of self-doubt, I’m a work in progress) and looking after my body so that I feel good inside and out. I have come a long way in my fitness journey, and I am learning to love and appreciate my body no matter what shape or size it is. Instead of hating my small frame (like I did years ago), I made the conscious decision to grow and worked hard to do so! I enjoyed the journey towards growing my curves and have learned that I am beautiful at every stage throughout this process, not just when I finally reach my goal.

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My mission as a trainer to thousands of girls around the globe is to be able to empower them with the same tools that I have used to create the body and mindset that I have today. A carefully planned nutrition plan won’t just help you to reach your health and fitness goals, it will also help you to feel more confident. Eating healthy, balanced meals that are packed with plants will help you to be more energized and feel better throughout the day. Plus you can be proud knowing that you are providing your body and mind with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, the stuff that keeps us radiating. The healthier you keep your insides, the more that you will glow on the outside!Katya EatingSomething all my clients follow is a progressive training program, it is not only going to help you grow your glutes and tone your upper body, it will also help you to feel strong and empowered. I love working up a sweat in the gym and lifting heavy because it makes me feel confident! Pushing my limits every training session ensures that I love my body for what it can DO, not just what it looks like. My girls get some SERIOUS results as well. It makes me so proud to know that they are able to apply my methods to get the same results as I have.

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Because I want all my girls to be able to kick off 2020 and SERIOUSLY tackle some personal goals, I have created my NEW 8-Week THICC challenge which is going to help you start this year the most confident version of yourself. It is designed to build your lower body in all the right places, slim the waist and tone the upper body. You will be progressing through movements that become more difficult and intense as the weeks go by, so you are pushing yourself every week without needing to think about it! You can choose from a gym or home program, so it caters to your time availability and your situation.Thicc Challenge 2020 | Workouts By Katya | BlogMy 8-Week THICC Challenge allows you to choose your goal so that you can be given a meal plan that will help you reach it with both regular and plant-based options included. You will be given a variety of simple and delicious meals, with the option to swap them based on your preferences and convenience.Got questions? My team of professionals are online 24/7 and ready to help you with anything fitness and nutrition-related! Our exclusive Facebook forum is filled with amazing #WBKgirls that are like a huge, supportive family. We welcome you with open arms and we’re here if you have any questions, or just need that extra boost of motivation!

I am so excited to take on the start of 2020 BIGGER and BETTER than ever! This is your opportunity to finally make all those goals come true, finally stop talking about it and making it happen!

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