5 Essentials To Starting Your New Fitness Regime

5 Essentials To Starting Your New Fitness Regime

Hey Babes,

Exciting news! My new WBK App is here, along with my WBK $100K Fit Challenge!

The WBK App is the only app you will need to overhaul your nutrition and training and to help you step things up and achieve your dream body! So whether you’re joining my 8 week WBK $100K Fit Challenge, or starting your own new fitness regime, these are the 5 things you need to set up for success!

1. Plan

You’ve heard the saying, “failing to plan is planning to fail!” So get yourself a training diary, weekly planner, or a wall calendar and do the following:

  • • For the 8 week period of the challenge, write down all your events and parties in your planner or diary

  • • Write down what you will be eating for your main meals for the week

  • • Schedule your training sessions - write the time of day you will be training and what (e.g. upper body, HIIT, or GLUTES of course!!)

  • • Plan and schedule some treats into your week! Many people find that this actually helps to keep them on track with their nutrition on a day to day basis as they are less likely to make unhealthy choices, knowing that they have a carefully selected treat scheduled later in the week

  • • Schedule in ‘ME TIME’ - this may be a massage, a spa day, or simply time to relax and watch a movie, read a book or just get outside into nature. Living a healthy lifestyle can be mentally draining so make sure you dedicate some time to recharging your mental and emotional batteries!

Get Planning

2. Write your shopping list

For those that are doing my WBK $100K Fit Challengeyour shopping list is already created for you, you simply need to tick it off as you stroll through the grocery store!If you don’t already have a shopping list, start writing down all of the ingredients that you will need to cook up those healthy meals that you scheduled in step one. Now make sure you take your shopping list with you when you head to the store! Try to avoid buying anything that isn’t on your shopping list!!!

3. Meal Prep

The reality of eating a healthy diet that supports your goals is that it takes a little extra time. And at first, the task of cooking delicious, healthy meals can be overwhelming. Rest assured that with a little bit of patience, practice and persistence, it will get easier! One of the most valuable things you can do when it comes to eating well is taking the time to prep your meals! Most people set aside a couple of hours on their day off to cook large batches of their favorite healthy meals. This way, you don’t have to slave away in the kitchen after school or work, your meals are perfectly portioned out in the fridge of the freezer and all you need to do is heat or assemble!

Meal Preparation

To start off with, it is easier to pick 3 or 4 healthy and delicious main meals. that are healthy and delicious and prepare enough of these meals for all of your lunches and dinners for the week. Here are a few of my meal prep hacks:

  • • Pre-chop all your veggies

- This way you can just add lettuce and protein and create a quick and easy salad or throw them in the pan for a stir fry!

  • • Cook your carbs in large batches

- Cook a large saucepan of rice, quinoa or veggie pasta and throw a few potatoes or sweet potatoes into the oven.

  • • Create a batch of overnight oats

- Throw all the ingredients into a container, mix, then pop in the fridge and enjoy each morning for breakfast! To make your breakfast extra filling add a scoop of Blessed plant-based Protein, my fave!

  • • Create frozen smoothie bags

  1. 1. Grab a ziplock bag and fill it with half a banana, a handful of spinach or kale, a handful of berries or the fruit of the season, and maybe some peanut butter or avocado for those healthy fats.

  2. 2. Store the bag in the freezer

  3. 3. When you’re ready to make a smoothie, just add your choice of liquid (I love this with almond milk), a few ice cubes and a scoop of Blessed Plant Based Protein (Salted Caramel is amazing in this smoothie!).

  4. 4. Throw it all in the blender then pop it in your fave drink bottle. This is perfect for those times you’re running out the door for a gym sesh and need something nutritious and fast!

Blessed Protein

4. Have a Goal Setting Sesh!

Starting a new challenge or fitness regime is a biiiiig goal, and I believe that the best way to really see progress is to celebrate the little wins! When you have well designed goals, you are setting yourself up to be able to celebrate every little goal you achieve, this creates a positive mindset, which is a key component in getting to where you want to be. So set aside an hour or two to really fine tune your goals; big and small, long term and short term. Once you have set your goals, you will need to plan the actions and processes that are required to get you there. Click on the following links to check out my goal setting guides, these will take you through the goal setting process, step by step:

Goal Setting SMART Guide Working Out The How Finding Your Motivation

5. Tell Your Friends and Fam!!!

Those people that have achieved their dreams will tell you that they did not get there on their own! We are all influenced by the people around us, both positively and negatively, so you need to be proactive and get your support crew on side! Take the time to carefully explain why you are changing your lifestyle to the people around you, and ask that for their support and encouragement. This may mean that your family members don’t bring treats into the house, or maybe your friends agree to meet you for a walk instead of for a drink at the bar or lunch. Being backed by your support network, rather than hindered by it, can sometimes be the boost that you need to really power through the tough times! And who knows, maybe you will have a positive impact on their lives and inspire them to become healthier too!

Tell Your Fam

There it is, girls! With these 5 essentials, you're ready to kickstart your new fitness regime!

 For my WBK Girls, you can get further support from myself and my team of experts during your program! To become apart of The WBKgirls Squad, click here.

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