Bikini season is HERE!! It’s time to make sure you look your best! One of the best tips I can give you here is to do lots of squats, but since we’re already training hard, here are a few more of my personal tips and tricks to getting bikini ready ;)

1) Watch your carbs

Your body needs carbs for energy but what it doesn’t need is lots of carbs - apart from weight gain, extra carbs also increase bloating! Time your carbs so you eat most of them just before, and immediately after a workout - go low carb the rest of the time to avoid unwanted bloating.

2) Ditch soda

Sodas and other carbonated beverages can cause bloating – even sugar-free diet soda! Ditch your fizzy drinks for water and you’ll not only avoid bloating, but also help flush out toxins that leave your skin looking unhealthy and dull.

3) Stand up straight

You’ll instantly look slimmer and younger if you stand up straight with good posture. Lift your chest, lengthen your neck, and pull your shoulders down and back to magically flatten your belly. Not only will you look better, you’ll feel better too; and we all know that when you feel better this leads to improved self-confidence.

You’ve worked hard, so stand up tall and show it off to everyone!

4) Eat more protein

When you’re reducing your carbs, you’ll need to eat more protein to stop you from feeling hungry. Protein makes you feel full but it also boosts your metabolism which can lead to faster fat loss and enhance toning.

Eating plenty of protein will ensure you have everything you need to repair your muscles after our workouts without you having to worry about gaining weight. Since it takes our bodies a lot of energy to digest protein, simply replacing some carb calories with protein calories is all you may need to do to trim down and tone up!

5) Cut down on stress and get more sleep

Too much stress and too little sleep causes your stress hormone, cortisol, to increase which interferes with your body’s ability to burn fat and improve muscle tone. Another problem is that with too much stress and too little sleep, it damages your willpower and can leave you reaching for sugary snacks to boost your energy!

Sugar combined with cortisol is a fat-gaining bomb waiting to explode! So do yourself a favour and get in 6-8 hours of sleep a night and reap the rewards.

6) *BONUS Beauty Tip! Exfoliate and moisturise before bikini season starts

My final tip for getting bikini ready is making sure your skin is glowing! Make sure your skin looks its’ best by exfoliating and moisturising in the lead up to bikini season. Removing dead skin cells leaves your skin looking younger and healthier while moisturising helps to keep your skin supple and minimises the formation of fine lines which can soon turn to wrinkles!