As 2018 is winding up it’s got me looking back on an amazing year Workouts By Katya has had! I feel so blessed to be able to reach all of my #wbkgirls in every corner of the globe, and truly appreciate every single one of you! I have spent the year hustling towards a better version of myself and I took a few moments recently to look back on some of the highlights for Workouts By Katya in 2018.

23rd Dec 2018

Macros Part 3: Fat Facts

Gone are the days when we believed that fat was the cause of weight gain and health problems. We now know so much better than to think eating fat in our foods led to being fat. But understanding fat still isn’t quite this simple, so I want to break down the details about the third macro for you, so you can take charge of your nutrition!

19th Dec 2018

Katya’s Christmas List

What will I be asking Santa for this Christmas? Many people who follow a plant-based diet do so for ethical reasons. This means it can be a little tricky buying presents for a vegan who’s living life in line with their conscience. But don’t worry, there are plenty of things other plant-based babies will be asking for this Christmas -  (or what to get the vegan in your life) and here are my suggestions!

A few weeks ago I wrote part 1 of this blog that introduced you to the three macronutrients, and I went into detail about carbohydrates, what they are, why they are important, the kinds you should be eating regularly and the kinds you should be limiting. This week, I’m going to move on to PROTEIN, which many people believe should be the most important macro in your diet. It can be quite tricky to get enough high-quality protein, especially for vegans, so I hope to help make this a little easier for you today.

It doesn’t take a huge budget and an empty schedule to help make a difference to our Earth’s future. This week I want to let you know that there are plenty of easy, everyday actions you can take that won’t break the bank, but will do a lot to help improve our negative impact on the environment.

Tis the season to be #grateful and today I am thankful for...

Blessed Plant-based Protein and Pumpkin!

Counting Macros: You have probably seen everyone posting on social media about this approach to eating, but what are they even talking about? It's about time you found out!

These days it’s not enough for us to just slay the 9-5, then head home and switch off. Whether you’re in school, college or have started your career, we are all hustling to be more every day. So I wanted to pass on some of the strategies I have learned from juggling training, eating well, traveling, business, family, social life and everything in between so you can kick all of your girl boss goals!!

There are a lot of people out there that will tell you to be happy with the body you were given. Genetics play a huge role in how we look, BUT, if you are willing to work hard, you can take huge steps towards achieving the body of your dreams! It’s no surprise that my favorite feature of the female body is the booty, and there is so so much you can do in your training to really help you to create the perfect peach!

BANDS- what’s all the hype about? Instagram and Youtube have been flooded with resistance band workout videos, with booty bands being the most commonly used… But why? Well, bands are super versatile and functional! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about bands, including when you should use them instead of weights, the different types of bands out there AND I’ve included a 15 minute TOTAL BODY BAND WORKOUT to show you how you can use them!