Summer is coming, and I personally can’t wait! It’s all about soaking up the sun, getting outdoors and ditching the layers that have been wearing us down all winter. There’s something about the warmer weather and sunshine that makes me love fruits and vegetables even more than I already do, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite smoothie bowl recipes with you all.

20th May 2018

Yoga for Mobility!

Yoga has so many benefits as a form of moving meditation that links mind, body, and spirit by using stretching, posing and breathing to create an energy environment within the physical form that promotes longevity and health!

Recently I posted some blogs about strategies I use to help me achieve my goals. Today I want to continue on this topic, with my tips to unlocking powerful motivation. Read on for a sneak peak into how I motivate myself to hustle everyday!

Warm ups not only prepare your muscles and joints for exercise but your brain too. Use your warm up as an opportunity to get in the zone so you can concentrate fully on the workout to follow! Learn some of my best tips for both home and gym warm ups and cool downs!

So, here’s any idea I have for us all! This Mother’s Day, I’m going to do a mother-daughter training session with my beautiful mom and then cook her dinner - Vegan Pizza! Keep on reading to find out what I’ve got planned for our training session together + the recipe to my delicious vegan pizza!

Since you have been training harder than usual, longer than usual, and have tried out some different exercises, you might wake up with sore muscles. Sometimes this can become really sore, and is what’s known as DOMS – short for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The good news is that this intense muscle soreness is not fatal! However, it’s pretty uncomfortable and makes you not want to exercise for a while. Here are some tips to reduce the pain so you can get back training sooner and increase your results!

The best program is the one that you STICK TO and the one that works AROUND your lifestyle - whether it’s based in the gym or at home. Today, I’m going to help my current & future #WBKgirls decide which program suits them best to get them to their fitness goals sooner!

My motivation to follow a plant-based diet came from wanting to help the fight against animal cruelty. BUT! What I didn’t know were the amazing health benefits of a plant-based diet on my health!

19th Apr 2018

Meet My WBK Ambassadors!

As many of you know, I made a worldwide call out to the WBK community looking for a group of unique and special people to help me spread the WBK message! After a VERY difficult selection process, I am super proud to introduce to you my WBK Ambassadors! Check them out!

It’s easy to SET a goal that is a far off idea and sounds really amazing, but the challenge lies in getting from your starting point all the way to that end result. Using my SMART goal setting guide can help you to really dial in exactly what you want to achieve and set a time frame. Once you have set the specifics of your goal the next step is working out the HOW.