Ancient societies practiced it and we still practice it today. Meditation has been around for thousands of years, and for a good reason! Many health and fitness experts preach about how amazing meditation is and how everyone can benefit from it. Learn more here!

NEW YORK. CHICAGO. TORONTO. 3 cities. OVER 160 amazing #WBKgirls. 3 intense booty training exercises. 3 incredible days. This was my SOLD OUT WBK Booty Camp Tour! Thank you all for coming along to meet me, you girls are amazing!

30th Sep 2018

Home Gym Essentials

If you are on board my home-based 8 week Beach Body Transformation, 8 week Booty Builder program or New Me In 60 Challenge this blog is for you! Or maybe you simply prefer training in the comfort of your own home where you can crank the music and not worry about your hair or make-up. Either way, today I’m going to run you through all of the essential items you’re going to need to break a serious sweat without even leaving your house!

Being a plant-based baby, I am always looking for ways to decrease the negative impact I have on this Earth, as well as ways to make my lifestyle that little bit healthier. I recently posted about natural ingredients and how to use them on your skin and today I want to take it one step further by helping you all bring your makeup back to nature. Check it out!

Is it possible to have a night out with the girls without undermining your progress? Maybe you have a family dinner and there isn’t anything healthy on the menu! Or you could just be getting invited out to lunch at work and are sick of saying ‘no thanks’... Is there a way to have a healthy social life as well as a healthy diet? If you ask me, there sure is!

Why should you add protein powder to your recipes?!

Exciting news! My new WBK App is here, along with my WBK $100K Fit Challenge! The WBK App is the only app you will need to overhaul your nutrition and training and to help you step things up and achieve your dream body! So whether you’re joining my 8 week WBK $100K Fit Challenge, or starting your own new fitness regime, these are the 5 things you need to set up for success!

Today, I want to take my natural beauty tips one step further by passing on some of my favorite staple home beauty treatments. They are SO simple and the ingredients you need are probably already in your kitchen!!

5th Aug 2018

Healthy Food Swaps

Today we’re going to chat about the everyday choices we are faced with that make the difference between reaching our goals or not. At every meal we are faced with a decision between choosing something that is going to support our body and our goals OR something that might satisfy our cravings, but won’t help us become better versions of ourselves. So I want to show you how I make those decisions each day. Happy reading!

I recently set my WBK Ambassadors a fitness challenge to take their training to the NEXT level! I made sure they really got out of their comfort zones, completing a bunch of exercises they would not normally do, and in doing so, learnt not only about their physical strength but also their mental strength! Here's how they went!