How To: Hourglass

A great booty is the difference between a good body and an amazing body. One of the main reasons for this is that it completes the hourglass shape and emphasizes your curves - the better the booty, the more shape we get! However, it’s not so simple because the shape of the other parts of your body affects the shape of your booty; talk about confusing!

Anatomy Of The Booty

Visit any gym and you will see lots of women working their glutes in order to improve their booty. As we covered before, the main muscle is the gluteus maximus, but it is also assisted by the gluteus minimus and the gluteus medius. However, getting a great booty requires more than just training your glutes. Why? Your glute muscles share some attachment points with your hamstring muscles and also some with your lower back muscles. The way you train these muscles has a direct impact on the way your booty looks - if we train them right, they emphasize your booty more and really make it pop! And if your booty pops, then it makes your legs and back look amazing as well. But it doesn’t stop there - your lower back share some common attachments with your upper back, and your hamstrings share attachments with your calves and adductors! So, by adding muscle to one area, you help to shape the next one. To make it easy, think of your body like a chain where everything is connected and effects the next link.  

Hourglass 101

Training the muscles around our booty acts like a picture frame - the better the frame, the more it emphasizes what’s inside ;) Every piece fits together and makes the next piece look better. Let’s go through it together step-by-step:

How Your lower Body Helps

1. The more toned our hamstrings are, the more it emphasizes the bottom of our booty and gives it shape.
2. The more we tone our adductors and quadriceps, the more inner curve it gives our booty.
3. By training our calf muscles, we give shape to our legs and makes them look longer.

How Your Upper Body Helps

4. The more we train and firm our lower back muscles, the more shape and curve we get at the top of the booty AND upper back.
5. The more we tone and tighten our abdominal muscles, the more it cuts in before our booty which gives more shape on the sides.
6. The more we tone our lats and upper back muscles, the more it “cuts in” and gives shape towards our abs - this helps ‘complete’ the hourglass look.
7. The more we tone our shoulders, the more it shows off the “cut” of our back and arms.
8. The more we tone our arms, the more it emphasizes the shoulders.

How To Train

Now that we know how everything works together, known as “tie-ins”, we need to know how to train to achieve the hourglass look. This is why I have structured my workouts in the way I have - the first few weeks we worked on building muscle, then the last 4 weeks we have worked on isolating the muscle groups that work together each session. By training in this way we can emphasize those connections that I spoke about earlier, such as the glute-hamstring connection, to get a great looking hourglass figure and make your booty the centre of attention.

But Where Do I Go From Here?

Stay tuned, I have some exciting things planned - I never leave my family hanging :D