I know that maintaining weight loss is a constant problem area for many people.

For many, a repetitive cycle of weight loss attempts and failures have demoralized them from seeking support or trying again. Each effort to lose weight becomes more and more disappointing, leading many consumers to give up entirely, attributing their failure to perceived shortcomings and personal faults of physiology.


Often, people fail to reach and maintain their goal weight because they are working with an incomplete tool set. Effective weight loss and maintenance ultimately comes down to possessing the rights tools and coping mechanisms to reduce caloric intake, manage stress and temptation, and practice balance.


Most lack one or more of these tools, launching themselves into a fitness and nutrition regime that is either overly aggressive or scientifically unsupported. Eventually, in the absence of a balanced routine, they falter, and then fail.


Over the last 4 weeks, I have introduced you to a new goal and educational overview each week to help you cultivate your potential and provide brief, basic nutrition education to help empower you to fuel your body for life - not just for short term weight loss or increased muscle tone.


How have you been going with the small changes?

Each weekly goal or tool is added onto the previous one, so you could practice it in your daily life. Remember, these tools are meant to be sustained long-term, not just during the week of their introduction. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect, so don’t beat yourself up - it’s ok to be human. Just own your mistakes, assess the reason, forgive yourself, and try again the next day.

  1. 1. Avoid Liquid Calories

  2. 2. Beat Boredom and Squash Stress

  3. 3. Snack Smarter


Soldier On and Let's Work!

By making these small changes into habits, you will have developed the necessary tools to take control of your nutrition long term. Don’t just stop and go back to old habits - the point of this program is to empower you take control and achieve what you deserve! We’re a family, and family don’t quit on each other :)