Since you have been training harder than usual, longer than usual, and have tried out some different exercises, you might wake up with sore muscles. Sometimes this can become really sore, and is what’s known as DOMS – short for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.


DOMS affects everyone that trains at some stage, and is just intense muscle soreness which comes on a day or 2 after training - it is NOT immediately after, that is just normal muscle soreness.


The good news is that this intense muscle soreness is not fatal! However, it’s pretty uncomfortable and makes you not want to exercise for a while.


You CAN exercise and you SHOULD, unless you are so sore that you can’t move. Here are some tips to reduce the pain so you can get back training sooner and increase your results!


1. Avoid intense muscle soreness in the first place!

Since I know many of you have just started on your fitness journey, I have designed my workout programs to build slowly with gradual progressions to avoid intense muscle soreness. However, if you have been training harder or doing extra sessions and are getting sore, simply reduce the amount of extra training.

Normally you will get intense muscle soreness from dramatically changing your program, and it is NOT pleasant!

2. Extend your warm up

Those tight muscles will start to loosen up as they become warmer, so spend a little extra time on your warm up to ease tight muscles and regain any mobility you’ve lost.

Include some light cardio and dynamic stretching (such as shallow squats slowly getting deeper) - this will make sure your muscles are prepared for your workout!

3. Foam roller

Although it will be uncomfortable at first, foam rolling can help loosen up your muscles and reduce muscle soreness. Use your free arm or leg to support some of your bodyweight, and gradually increase the pressure on the roller over a few minutes.

This is pretty similar to getting a massage, so it helps to get the bad stuff out of your muscles and get them loose and moving again!

If you haven't already, make sure you get my perosnalized Foam Roller, perfect for really triggering those sore areas and improving your mobility and speed of recovery!

4. Eat after a workout

Muscle soreness is worse when your muscles don’t have enough energy. The best way I have found to beat this is to eat a filling, healthy meal after you finish your workout. The key here is staying healthy; your body will absorb it quickly and help you recover faster - however, if you eat junk you will recover like junk...

If you're looking for a highly comprehensive post-meal snack, there's no better supplement than protein to refuel your tired muscles! Check out my supplement's page to choose one that's right for you! My personal favorite is Blessed Plant-Based Protein!


5. Active Recovery - Do a 50-percent workout

The day after your intense muscle soreness-causing workout, do some active recovery! It’s easy, do the same session but perform half of the sets, half of the reps and use only half the weight.

This easy workout will help reduce muscle pain and speed up your recovery as it increases blood flow to your muscles which also means removal of the bad stuff! What I have found is that if you do nothing and laze around the house, it won’t help your recovery at all - if nothing else, go for a walk!

Get moving and your body will thank you ;)