Something major I feel like I haven’t covered in enough detail is stress. Stress can create a negative cycle if you allow it to spiral out of control!

It severely affects your focus which affects every aspect of your life, especially your training. First things first - if you’re feeling stressed, STOP! Sit down, take a few deep breaths and let them out slowly - this will help you take control again and prevent all those stress hormones from messing with your brain.

Stress impacts your progress

It reduces motivation, impacts your metabolism and greatly affects your recovery and sleep. The major problem with stress though is it increases the release of cortisol, AKA your stress hormone. This nasty little thing likes to cause fat storage and stop fat burning - hello weight gain!

How do I beat it?

The simple answer - diet and training. Stress causes you to crave junk food as comfort food - don’t give in! It’s a vicious cycle; once you eat the junk, you feel tired and lethargic and then don’t feel like training. You skip training, and then get some takeout for dinner, wake up the next morning again feeling tired and so skip training again. Trust me, I’ve been there!

BUT the best thing you can do is to eat good food and train. Training helps to reduce stress and pump blood around your body which releases endorphins - these little magic helpers make us feel great! 

Eating good food will help you feel energized and ready to go, so even when stress strikes you don’t feel like reaching for junk. But if all else fails, have some relaxing tunes ready to just sit down and chill out to - you’ll be glad you did!