In a perfect world, the human body would have even fat distribution, and spot-reduction would be possible. If ONLY!

You may have noticed that there are areas in the body that stay just that bit flabby despite your best efforts. That little bit of fat that seems impossible to get rid of is called... you guess it, stubborn fat!


Male and Female Stubborn Fat Deposits: Where Are They?

Typically, males accumulate stubborn fat on the lower abdominals, love handles and lower back. For females, it’s in the glutes, hips, thighs and calves.

There are numerous hormones and biological mechanisms that play a part in fat metabolism, and the science behind it can be confusing for most of us. To make it easier, here are some specific things you can do to torch those stubborn areas for good!

1. Direct blood flow to the stubborn area

If you touch the stubborn fat areas on your body in the middle of your workout, you will notice that mostly these areas are colder compared to areas where you are leaner. Part of the reason why stubborn fat is so hard to get rid of is due to the lack of blood flow in the area. An increase in adipose tissue blood flow (ATBF) is critical when trying to mobilize the fatty acids away from the fat cells!

There are numerous ways in which blood flow can be increased. A simple way to do it is by raising your body temperature and heating up the stubborn fat areas.


2. Understand when to spike insulin and when to keep it low

The majority of people with an interest in fitness have a very basic understanding of insulin. Normally, insulin is understood as the hormone responsible for using glucose as immediate energy, OR to store it for future use in the liver or muscle. When consuming carbohydrates, insulin levels are raised.

When insulin levels are raised, lipolysis (fat burning) comes to a halt. Stubborn fat areas are extremely sensitive to even the slightest increase in insulin levels. This means that if you were to consume carbohydrates with even just a moderate glycemic index, your body will not be able to utilize the free fatty acids from the stubborn fat areas as energy.

Now, carbs are not the enemy, BUT be careful about when you’re eating them and have them away from times when you’ve lit up your fat burning.

3. Incorporate supplements that help with fat mobilization

Most fat burners and thermogenic supplements need to be taken on an empty stomach to be most effective. Green tea extract has been known to help increase fatty acid oxidation as well as blood flow to stubborn areas.

Since green tea extract is a mild supplement and contains little to no caffeine, it can be stacked with caffeine and other fat burning ingredients such as grapefruit seed extract and green coffee bean extract. The final part you need is fatty acid transporters like acetyl L-carnitine - they take the fatty acids that you have just mobilized into your cells to be burned off for energy.

4. Keep your diet in check!

For most people, a caloric deficit and proper programming is more than enough to get you to your desired level of leanness. It could just be a matter of time until your stubborn areas start to lean out.

Fat loss isn’t always simple and one direction, so keep that in mind when tracking progress. Never lose hope!