Hi guys!


I’m sooooo excited that ‘Workouts By Katya’ has now officially launched! With the website now live, I am able to connect with you all more regularly and share my insights about all things health and fitness!

I will be writing weekly blogs on all different topics to help you guys on your fitness journeys! This is a really cool way for me to touch base and share some of my favorite things with you guys. These blogs will cover fitness topics, recipes, music and basically all the things I love!

To kick things off, I wanted to give you all an introduction to what ‘Workouts By Katya’ is and how it all works!

First and foremost, I created my online training programs to empower you all to embrace a lifestyle of health and fitness! Without a doubt, fitness shaped the person I am today. I fell in love with my journey, which inspired me to help you!

My initial programs are designed to introduce you to fitness is a way that is sustainable and exciting. Unfortunately, I see so many people give up on the gym after a few weeks of training the wrong way. Results come from consistency! I want you all to love health and fitness the same way I do!

In order to do this, the difficulty of my programs increase week-to-week, allowing you to gain confidence in the gym and form good habits. This is about building the body that you want for life!

I do also want to let you know that this is just the start of Workouts By Katya! I am working on more programs and always searching for new ways to assist you in reaching your goals. Life is about constant and never-ending improvement, and I will do everything I can to help to add positivity and value to your journey!

Your feedback and ideas are always welcome, so email me at katya@workoutsbykatya.com and let me know what you think!


We are all in this together - let’s work!