Some people crave sweets and others like to treat themselves with a pizza, burgers, chips and cocktails during the weekend. Binging on something is not recommended, but doing things with planning and moderation is!

Life is too short not to treat your inner foodie! The trick is knowing when to do it and how ;)

Why you should treat yourself

Giving yourself a ‘cheat meal’ is the key to success in keeping motivated. You have to reward yourself for reaching goals and a slice of pizza, a donut or even a glass of rosé can take you to paradise.

What’s more, scientists say that it can even prolong your life and improve its quality!

Our mindset is important when we have to reach our goals or achieve a balanced lifestyle. Treating yourself is known as taking a day off; give yourself a cheat meal or indulge in something you normally wouldn’t. And if you do it right, you won’t have anything to feel guilty for!

By choosing one day per week to do so, and following healthy eating the rest of the time, it won’t put you off course and may even help you get to your goals quicker. It will boost your morale and help your immune system if you don’t stress over it - it’s a reward!

You have to tell yourself “it’s OK, I deserve it” - but let me emphasize here, MODERATION is key!

When should you indulge in treats?

The trick of treating yourself and giving yourself a reward is knowing when to do it. If you feel like snacking on chips and candy, drink a glass of water or better yet, munch on an apple. This is not the kind of treats we’re talking about.

I find the best way to indulge is to make it a fun event! Have a weekly date with yourself, your partner or with friends - go out, or stay in, and gossip over a glass of wine.

Two glasses of wine or gin and tonic with a slice of lemon are accepted once per week! Know your limits.

Another healthy alternative is to go out to a nice restaurant or stay in and cook a pizza or pasta. Again, light some candles and make it a romantic affair so you really feel rewarded. Take this time to enjoy an amazing meal that you have earned, don’t just chow it down!

Last, but definitely not least, go out for dessert with a close friend or partner and share it.

Chocolate cakes are tastier when you have half the calories and twice the company ;) But however you choose to indulge, remember MODERATION!

Always do it in the first part of the day if you can, or at least 3-4 hours before you go to bed. This way your body has time to digest everything and utilize it before you go to sleep!