Yoga has so many benefits as a form of moving meditation that links mind, body, and spirit by using stretching, posing and breathing to create an energy environment within the physical form that promotes longevity and health.

The Benefits of Yoga for Athletes

Yoga concentrates on deep stretches and poses that push your muscular suppleness to its maximum. Applying yoga stretches and poses to a weight lifting program will keep your ligaments and sinew strong, giving you the confidence you need to take your training to its maximum, with reduced risk of injury.

Yoga for better mobility

Yoga can benefit more than just your power and flexibility. It can be used as a rehabilitative therapy to strengthen and heal injuries such as pulls and tears on joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Improving your training isn’t just about how much weight you can lift, it’s about good joint mobility that lasts into your old age and keeps you on your feet and mobile, rather than half crippled, filled with tension and old nagging injuries.

Yoga is a great way to bring balance to your training. We all love the hard, aggressive feeling of working up a sweat in the weight room, but what are you doing to release the tension that’s accumulating from pushing yourself to the maximum in those brutal workouts?

Yoga for posture and core strength, wherever you are

Taking on a yoga class two or three times a week will teach you the basic posture, poses and stretches you need to know to relieve the muscular and ligament tension from your body. Yoga relies on your core for the strength needed for successful execution of the poses. Your core is responsible for the health of your lower back and spine and the strengthening effect from practicing yoga will keep you back and spine healthy, fit, and free from injury.

You don’t even have to attend a class to benefit from a yoga workout, it can be done anywhere, on the road or even at home in your living room.

Yoga for breathing

Another benefit of Yoga is its ability to teach you how to breathe. If you are an intermediate or advanced trainee in the gym, then you understand the power of your breathing in your training. Good breathing technique can add to your performance by increasing your stamina and strength by elevating the oxygen levels in your blood.

Yoga to supplement your training

All the added yoga practice will translate itself into your training in the form of a better range of motion in your lifts and better mobility in your joints. This will help you set that squat PR, because you have looser hip flexors and lower back muscles, giving you the ability to accelerate in the bottom of the move while driving out of the hole.

It will give you that extra bit of mobility to land that clean and jerk with pure precision because your core is tighter and firmer. It can be the difference between a solid deadlift and a torn hamstring or the factor that helps you breathe through the pain and push that weight for record reps on the overhead press.

Yoga has its place in any training regimen. Make sure you add it in and reap the benefits of enhanced performance and better recovery from your workouts.