How I’ve Got back into Training and Living Life to the Fullest

Katya Elise Henry

Oh babbieesss, I have a top secret to tell you. I have been keeping this one to myself for the last few weeks, but I think now is the time to finally tell you - I have been seriously struggling with my training game! I think that I have kept it a secret for such a long time because I didn’t want to let my WBK babies down. It can be incredibly difficult when you are a fitness influencer to not put immense pressure on yourself to be “perfect” all the time. There is a misconception that if you are in this industry you always feel super motivated, and excited about training!

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Recently at my Sydney, Australia Booty Camp, someone asked me, “how do I stay motivated and positive all the time?” I had to think about my response for a beat because, in all honesty, I had been going through a really unmotivated patch.

It wasn’t just my exercise that was being affected. It was a little bit of everything (except my diet, I always have room for fueling those gains and peanut butter)! Instead of keeping my struggles to myself I really want to let you guys into my world, and tell you how I have turned it all around to come back stronger than ever! I want to tell you about this process because I know so many of you struggle at times to get into a routine, get positive and stay motivated!

So, how do you get your mind and body back into it after letting it slip?

  1. 1. Remove All The Pressure

I think one of the most challenging parts of having a “comeback” is the giant mental mountain that is ahead of you. Instead of looking at all the little markers from base to the peak, you look at the top and think how far away it appears! It can be completely overwhelming when you are getting back into it. So I suggest looking at the first step in that journey up the mountain, which could start with just taking some time to bring your goals front and center. 

Why not start by trying the tactic of removing all the pressure to climb mountains, and just ask yourself a couple of simple questions…

  • What makes me happy?

  • What do I want to achieve?

  • When do I feel my best?

I would highly recommend writing these questions down and being really honest with yourself when you respond to them. Regardless of your end goal, when you know what your driving force is, it makes every decision after that easy! 

Remove the pressures of what will people think, or what you have done in the past and ask those questions of your current self! Taking the weight of the world off your shoulders when you make big decisions in life can make it all become so much simpler!

WBK Blog 5 Things You Want To Achieve This Week

  1. 2. Set Some Mini Goals

After you know what is going to make you happy, set some mini and achievable goals. Think of these as your check points when you are climbing that mountain. I like to map them all out and be able to visualize it! At the top of the mountain put your end goal, for example, it could be to lose 5kg. At checkpoint one, you could have 1kg weight loss, etc. When you think about losing 5kg it could be incredibly intimidating, but when you look at it all broken down it doesn’t seem quite so intimidating and becomes so much more achievable!

WBK Goal Sheet

You are completely capable of achieving those incremental goals, they ARE achievable and you know that you will be able to do that each week. If you do go a little off track, come back to your mountain and remap it out. The beautiful thing about life is that you are always given another opportunity in each moment to restart. Time to let go of the past and start climbing that mountain!

  1. 3. LOVE your new Structure


I think to stay consistent and be happy, you have to love your routine. This includes getting a good balance in your nutrition and your training program. Particularly when you have been going consistently hard with diet and exercise, sometimes it can begin to feel a little mundane, yep that’s right, we all have training ruts! It is completely normal to have these, it is how you switch it all up and get back into the things you love that will get you back on track!

For me, I have just fully committed to my new training routine, and it feels so damn good! I am in week one of doing the WBK Beach Body program and although it is so tough after my training break (my booty is on fireeee and I can feel muscles in my arms that I didn’t know existed) I feel energized and excited!!! One of my focuses for exercise lately has been not to put pressure on myself to look a certain way, but just enjoy how good it feels! When you are focusing on how amazing it makes you feel, training becomes so much more fun!

Try one of my Beach Body Booty Workouts!!

WBK Blog Beach Body Booty Workout


I think this is the area that most people struggle with. I am about to completely change your mindset - repeat after me; ‘I am no longer on a diet!’ I think it is so important for girls to throw this word out! Life is too short to be depriving yourself of the things you love. Of course, if weight loss is your end goal, you are going to have to be mindful of consuming some foods in excess. But putting yourself on restrictive, calorie obsessive diets can be a toxic way to live your life.

Time to eat the colors of the rainbow, celebrate food with loved ones and fuel your body with food that makes your body and brain feel good! Stop dwelling on all of the opinions that are out there, and start learning to listen to your body instead! You can even have Birthday Cake for breakfast every morning if you like, with the Blessed Protein Limited Edition Birthday Cake flavor! Make sure you use my WBK10 discount code as well!

Have Your Birthday Every Morning Oats Recipe

  1. 4. BE HAPPY!

Regardless of anything else that is happening in your world, every decision should always be fueled by one question. What makes me happy? I used to spend a lot of time being concerned about what others would think of me (and often judge of me). But as I get older, there is only one thing that really matters; to be happy and be present in every moment.

My job is very heavily dictated by the social media world. An important factor in me becoming happy and content is taking time to step away from technology and enjoy just being in that moment. Recently I took a week off social media and that has been a game changer for me! With all that time I gained from no scrolling, I was able to reset my mind and get my focus back to the things that are most important to me! I can not recommend a technology detox enough if you are needing some time to re-center yourself.

It is not necessarily the easiest process to get back into it hunnies! But I am proof that at any time you can completely change the direction of where you are going in life.

My WBK babies are you ready to take control back on your life with me?