The Benefits Of Getting Thicc & Strong

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Building strong and lean muscle gives our bodies a beautiful shape, but this also has many benefits that you may not know about! I am about to drop some awesome reasons why you should be getting thicc, in case you didn’t already have enough! 

Let’s start with the process of what it takes to build lean muscle and get stronger. Getting into the gym and lifting heavy weights makes me feel so empowered! The confidence that I have walking out of a tough session is like no other, and I truly believe that it plays a huge factor in why I have reached such self-love now. It has strengthened not only my body but my mind too. If I can mentally push through the tough times in the gym, and come out better, then I can certainly do that in any difficult life situations too!My THICC Challenge | Workouts By KatyaIf you have ever felt an increase in energy and mood boost after a strength training session, those are called post-workout endorphins. This is a chemical released after a tough session, which makes you feel energized and happy! If that isn’t reason enough to smash your morning workout, I don’t know what is.

Building strength and mass improves your bone health and density. Although this may not seem like a big deal right now, later in life when our muscle mass naturally decreases and our bone density decreases (especially females), the work we put in now to get strong and build is going to help us maintain both of these things with age! Another aspect that resistance training will help us with later in life is coordination and balance. Those deep stability muscles that we work when lifting weights are used to keep us balanced and stable, so if we continue to use and work them now, it is going to make daily tasks so much easier for us in the long run!My THICC Challenge | Workouts By KatyaWe all know that posture is important, however it can be very difficult to maintain especially if you are seated at a desk, a large majority of the time. While keeping posture in mind and attempting to maintain a good posture is important, the strength that we build in the gym can also help this! Our core, back, chest and hips all impact our posture, so ensure that you are getting a wide range of exercises targeted at all these areas! 

Here is an excerpt from my new Thicc Workout Program, that will help you to get strong and build lean muscle!

My THICC Challenge | WBK Workout

I love all of the ways that getting stronger and building muscle can benefit our bodies and our lives, which is why I created my Thicc Workout Program, so that you girls can reap the benefits too! If you feel like you need some guidance, or just want to step up your game in the gym, then make sure you sign up so that you can get thicc with me!

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