Bring Out Your Curves This Summer

Bring Out Your Curves This Summer | WBK Blog

Can you believe how fast this year is going?! With the start of the year kicking off so well, I want to continue the good vibes well into the year. I know a lot of the #wbkgirls have been working their butts in the gym (literally!!!) to get THICC af, so now is the time to shred fat and build your booty to reveal that insane amaze BEACH bod!

That’s where my new Peach Please 8-week challenge comes in! This challenge is designed to make sure all my girls can shred body fat % to showcase all their hard work! Not only is the program designed to drop a few pounds, but I want you to maintain those curves you worked so tirelessly on in the gym! The summer nutrition program for this challenge ensures enough protein is eaten to ensure these curves stay in place, and also help to further build muscle. 


Let’s not forget the thermic effect of food that protein has. What is that, you say? Just by eating protein our bodies burn around 30% of the calories (isn’t that crazy?!), so when looking at a fat shredding meal plan, protein is super important! Not only just for muscle growth but for fat loss as well. Don’t worry girlllsss, I SO have you covered with all the best meal options and tips to make sure that you are optimizing all your training, and getting that sought after summer shape! I also integrate my favorite plant-based protein Blessed to the meal plans, so you girls know how to integrate it best to excel your results! 

You may have thought losing fat would mean depriving yourself (cry face). I’m here to let you know that it actually doesn’t. A fat loss meal plan can still be satisfying. This can be done by eating a load of plants that are not only packed full of vital nutrients but also filled with fiber that helps you feel fuller for longer. Yay! My meal plans also include an optimal amount of heart-healthy fat (you know how I feel about avocados). Heart-healthy fats can also help with keeping you satisfied throughout the day and also have mood-boosting benefits. What’s not to love (I repeat, avocado is life)?!Peach Please Challenge | Fresh Summer Pizza RecipeI’m sure you ladies have built up strength this year and want to continue to build. I am passionate about programs that build on difficulty and intensity throughout the whole 8 weeks, which is exactly what I’ve done in this new challenge. So you can literally watch the booty gains grow before your eyes. You girls get to train just like I do with my core lift days in the PEACH PLEASE program!Peach Please Challenge | iPhone AppSo, what is the training split for my new Peach Please challenge? Well of course you have my signature peach building sessions but also because we are all about droppin’ a little weight… Have you heard of HIIT training? Or High Intensity Interval Training? HIIT training involves doing short intervals of high exertion exercises for a short period of time (such as sprinting or squat jumps). In my challenge I’ve utilized this form of exercise as a way to increase fat loss and afterburn of calories. This way you can smash out your workout in a short amount of time and still reap the benefits hours later. Hello tight waist!

Check out this sneak peek taken straight from Peach Please!Peach Please Challenge | Lower Body WorkoutAs a trainer, I absolutely love seeing my girls build confidence both inside and out of the gym. It took me a little while to love my body but once you start to do things not just for aesthetics but for the way you feel that confidence will begin to come. <3 

So join me in starting the 2nd challenge of the year. It doesn’t matter if you missed the first one for the year, this is a wholleeee new vibe! In this challenge you’ll receive all your weekly workouts that aim to shred fat and keep your curves, an amazing meal plan with delicious foods that you can swap and tailor to your dietary preference (regular or plant-based) anddd access to a group of amazing and supportive ladies to lift you up during the challenges. You’ll also have experts online in the forum to assist you with your fitness and nutrition-related questions who are available to contact 24/7! 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s shred fat and build our curves together. 

I’ll have one peach please!!!