Buildin' A Summer Bod

First off, how many of you ladies got their hands on my new Kiss My Peach one piece?! I am so excited to see you girls rocking these swimsuits with whole lotta confidence!!! However, I also understand that a lot of babes feel their most confident selves when they are living up to their own idea of “Summer ready” and that is totally okay! I want to give you girls the training and nutrition tips I have followed to be able to create a Summer body year long round.WBK Blog | Building A Summer BodyEver since I can remember, I’ve always been the petite one - quite slim up and down but not much muscle. When my mom started taking me to the gym with her, I quickly learned that the number one way to naturally grow your glutes is by training them! I don’t want my #WBKgirls to be afraid of looking ‘bulky’. Once they start with me and my programs, they begin to understand that by performing exercises like squats, hip thrusts, lunges and anything with a booty-band, their peach is going to grow just how they wanted! WBK Blog | Katya Before & After TransformationI make sure that I progressively overload at the gym. This means to constantly increase either the weight you are lifting, repetitions you are performing or shortening your rest times to create higher intensity. This will force your muscles to continuously adapt and improve - resulting in growth! Don’t forget about your thighs either girls (we like them THICCC), because they are important too. Not only does a big booty and skinny legs leave you with muscular imbalances, but they even look unbalanced! I LOVE my thighs because they match my booty and make me feel like a queen when I’m in my @kissmypeachswimwear

Don’t forget to eat either ladies, because you can’t expect the peach to grow if you are not providing it with the energy to do so! By eating in a slight calorie surplus, we are providing our body with the energy to break down the muscle while training it, as well as repair and grow the muscles while we rest. If you would like to drop your body fat first, it is a good idea to eat in a deficit while training your booty until you reach your desired body fat levels, as this will put your body in a much better place to build the muscle. If you are unsure about how to eat for your goals, my meal plans have helped thousands of girls understand how to do so. It is super easy to follow, very flexible and has NO boring foods!

Having a small waist is heavily dependent on your genetics, so I encourage you girls to love your body type and how you are born! The only way to make your waist smaller is by reducing body fat (if you are at a higher percentage). Just remember, you CANNOT spot reduce body fat - i.e. you cannot pick one part of your body and decide you want to lose fat there! You can keep your waist tight while gaining muscle by ensuring you activate and brace your core during regular exercises (e.g. squats and deadlifts), and also by performing bodyweight abdominal exercises a few times per week, which you can find in all of my @workouts_by_katya challenges! Here is an example of an ab circuit that you would find in a challenge:WBK Blog | Ab CircuitI know that a lot of girls want to grow their lower body while keeping soft and petite through their upper. I completely understand that desire as this is my ideal look too, but don’t underestimate the importance of training your upper body! Building some definition in your back and shoulders will help make your waist appear smaller. You do not need to grow boulder shoulders and a wide back, however, a few sessions per week of training your upper body will help create the Summer body shapes that you are aiming for, and not to mention that a little bit of back and shoulder definition is so sexy!WBK Blog | Katya InstagramI hope that this has given you girls a little bit of insight into how I have created my ideal summer body, and will help you create yours too! Don’t forget that the best way to make sure you are summer ready is just by being confident in how you look right at this very moment. Training and nutrition are great ways to enhance this confidence, as you will be not only improving your physique but also getting those post-workout endorphins pumping through your body! And make sure you take a look at my brand new one pieces that I have designed especially for girls wanting that hour-glass figure!!!