I find myself away from home more often than not these days, and can understand the struggle to stay in check and be good when you're removed from your familiar surroundings.

This is definitely a question that I am asked often from my WBK girls and I'm here to help you enjoy your vacation time way from home.

Hotel stays come with a bunch of luxuries, whether it’s getting your bed made, enjoying the hotel freebies, or indulging in some late night room service. But they also often come with the downside of not having any cooking facilities and not being able to control your nutrition for the duration of your stay.


For most of us, vacations are a time for indulgence and treating yourself but a whole week or two of this kind of behavior undermines months of hard work! Not to mention the strong psychological impact on your health and fitness... But when you have no cooking facilities and are in a foreign city or country, what are the best ways to stay on track with your eating?


1) Do your research

Before you even head off on your vacay, spend some time finding out what dining options will be available in your chosen destination. If there are any healthier options or supermarkets make a note of them and their location before you leave, and make sure you head there first to stock up on healthy snacks.

2) Cook at home

If it is within your budget and available, get a room with cooking facilities. It will not only give you the opportunity to remain in control for the majority of your meals, but it will also save you money and give you the chance to cook with the local ingredients.

Having control of even 1-2 meals a day makes a huge difference!

3) Choose wisely

If there aren’t any supermarkets then you’ll be eating out often - this means not being able to control exactly what goes into your meal and how much is on your plate. So try to avoid the deep fried options and aim for meals that have a significant amount of veggies (at least a quarter to half of your plate).

You can also see how flexible the menu is, and opt out for those undesirables that are included in a meal, such as swapping fries for veggies or salad. Too easy!

4) Listen to your body

Take the time while you’re away to enjoy the finer things and pay special attention to what and how much your body is telling you to eat. Before you make your selections try to tune into what you feel like and once you’ve made your choice remember not to feel obliged to finish the whole amount, just eat until you are SATISFIED...not until you feel sick!

5) Ration your Treats

Keep track of your indulgences, and try to limit them to one a day; if there are several local goodies that you’d love to sample (not stuff yourself with), try to spread them out across your trip, rather than splurging on them all in one sitting.

6) Keep an eye on your beverages

Alcohol, sodas and juices can all contribute significant energy amounts to your diet and we often forget to consider this. If you are going out for a few drinks try to think of that as your daily indulgence. We also tend to become a little more relaxed about our eating after a few drinks and make different choices, so keep this in mind when choosing your meal if you have had a few (or a few too many).

As always, make sure you focus on hydrating with water throughout the day, and especially after hours to help your body handle the negative impacts of getting a little bit drunk.



Remember that you are on vacation so it's ok to let your hair down a bit and sample the world-renowned sorbet, or the Nutella cronut you’ve heard so much about. Its also a great idea to take every opportunity to get out there and find new and different ways to get active that are unique to your destination. Don’t deprive yourself on your holiday, just be smart about when and how to treat yourself.