Everything You Need To Know About Bands

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BANDS - what’s all the hype about? Instagram and Youtube have been flooded with resistance band workout videos, with booty bands being the most commonly used… But why? Well, bands are super versatile and functional! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about bands, including when you should use them instead of weights, the different types of bands out there AND I’ve included a 30 minute TOTAL BODY BAND WORKOUT to show you how you can use them!


1. On holiday

Bands are lightweight, so they’re perfect for travelling. This means you can take these bands wherever you go use them to train your whole body!

2. Recovering from an injury

Resistance bands, when used appropriately as prescribed by your health professional, can be super beneficial when coming back from an injury because they don’t put as much strain on your muscles and joints as weights do. They’re also used for rehab!

3. If you want to improve your flexibility

You can use your bands to get stronger, plus they can also be used as a really efficient way to increase your flexibility. When used correctly they can provide light resistance when your muscles are being stretched, which can result in faster progress.

4. On a budget

Joining a gym, getting a personal trainer or attending group classes can get a little bit pricey, and there may be times when you want to break a sweat without being charged a crazy amount! A great alternative to a gym membership or personal trainer could be to get yourself my exercise pack, sign up to my New Me in 60 Challenge via my app, and start building your dream body on a budget!

Types of Bands

Booty Band

These are the O.G. bands! I love them for glute activation and to take my booty training up a notch. They are so versatile and they’re not just for your booty. You can get a killer, full body workout with just a mat and booty bands!

Booty Band

 • Resistance Band (or loop)

 These bands are long and tend to be very high in resistance. They’re mostly used to assist with chin-ups, but can also be used for all kinds of exercises that work the whole body. For example, squat hold plus row, banded hip thrusts, lunges, overhead squat… The list is endless!

Leg Extension

• Hip Band

Hip bands are used most commonly for adding resistance to hip thrusts, glute bridges and squats. They are much stronger than booty bands, so they provide higher resistance. This makes them a little less versatile than booty bands, but they’re still super useful! 

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• Theraband 

These are simply just a strip of elastic that with varying resistance levels. Most often, they’re used as part of rehabilitation programs. However, just like booty bands, they can be used for a whole body workout or to tailor your training session to meet your body’s specific needs. They are great to add a little resistance to your core session and are also fantastic for improving upper body strength.



Here's my full range of bands!


There you have it, a basic outline of when you should use bands and the different types that exist. Now… Let’s get to work!

Whole Body Band Workout

Try out this whole body band workout that you can literally do anywhere! Save this workout and keep reading for more info!Whole Body Band Workout Table


A Booty Band, a Resistance Band and a timer (you can use your phone!).


5-10 minutes of light jogging, skipping or cycling.


Complete each exercise for 45 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then move on to the next exercise.


Take a 60-second break at the end of each round (after all 7 exercises).


Complete 3 rounds.


Follow the session with some foam rolling and stretches!

The Exercises

1.  Booty band squat jumps

Place the booty band just above your knees and keep pushing your knees out as you perform each squat jump.

2. Push up, hold & booty banded leg raises

Place the booty band just above your knees. Perform a push up and hold it halfway down. In this position, kick each leg back and up (once each leg). Repeat!

3. Squat hold & row with resistance band

Loop the resistance band around a stable object (eg. a pole). Hold a squat position (roll your shoulders back and chest out!) and row the band towards your belly button.

4. Resistance band palloff press

With the resistance band still looped, stand up with one shoulder facing the pole. Pull the resistance band towards your stomach and then press out in front of you. Keep your tummy tight and swap sides halfway. The aim is to not let the resistance band pull you over!

5. Split squat with resistance band

Lower the resistance band that is still looped. Step one leg into the band and place it just above your knee! Perform a split squat and swap legs halfway.

6. Booty band side lying leg raises

Place the booty band around your ankles and lay on your side. Lift your top leg up and pulse! Swap onto the other side halfway.

7. Booty band hip thrusts (you can add a dumbell or barbell to up the intensity!)

Place the booty band just above your knees. Lay on your back with your knees bent and lift your glutes off the ground so that your shoulders, feet (and hands) are the only points of contact you have with the ground. With each thrust, push your knees out!

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