Hey babies!

This week I’m talking all things friends and fitness!

I want to encourage you to get your bestie, sister, mom, cousin, even grandma active! Because let’s face it, ladies who train together slay together!

There is no end to the positive benefits of being fit and active, and when you do it with a friend, that makes it twice as awesome!

My top 5 reasons to train with your friends:


You can motivate, encourage and support each other 

This is the best reason to get a gym buddy because you have to commit to meeting each other at the gym, park, walking track, wherever it may be. That commitment to just attend will very quickly turn into a commitment to encourage and support each other. If you don’t feel like training, you know that if you bail your gym buddy will be less likely to train too, giving you a bigger reason to get into the gym! Once you’re both there you can pat each other on the back when you smash a killer session or lift each other up when you don’t feel like you can make it through.

The session passes by so much more quickly! 

If you’re doing cardio with a friend, having a chat while you walk or run is the perfect way to make the time pass by more quickly, plus it helps you gauge how hard you’re working! If you’re toughing it out through an intense weights session, you can encourage each other to push out those last few reps. And if you’re getting zenned out at the yoga studio you can giggle at each other’s tree pose concentration face!

You are more likely to stick it out 

The statistics show that the people that commit to a training regime with a partner are 60% more likely to continue long term! Having someone by your side if you are nervous, unconfident or unsure will be a huge factor in simply getting you through the door each and every day. Sign up for my 30 Day Bikini Body Challenge together and have each other’s back the whole way!


It will strengthen your friendship 

There is a unique and powerful bond that is formed when you sweat side by side with your friends. Suffering through blood, sweat and tears together will bring you closer and give you an extra interest in common. So you can chat about your hot instructor, your favorite glute exercise and how you didn’t think you had another rep left (but you made it anyway) over your post workout protein smoothie.


You can coordinate your activewear

While you definitely don’t have to look your best to get the most out of your workout, having your activewear on point does help! Especially when you and your bestie are busting out a killer session. Why not take things to the next level and coordinate your outfits? Instagram is full of inspiring women who are training together and motivating themselves and their followers! My summer tights and booty shorts come in a range of colours that will suit you and your gym buddy. They are made of a sleek and stretchy mix of nylon and spandex and have a non-slip waistband that won’t let you or your bestie down!

Ways to get friends involved:

You may have a friend or family member that you really feel would benefit from hitting the gym or just getting a little bit more active, but you’re not a trainer and don’t know where to start! Here are some activities that are perfect for getting your bestie moving more:

Have a walking catch up

This is my all-time favorite way to kill 2 birds with one stone! I get to chat uninterrupted with my girl, plus we both get our heart rates up at the same time!


Get a free pass from your gym

Most gyms will be supportive of you spreading the love and bringing a friend to your training session or class. So have a chat with your trainer or the front desk and see if they can hook a girl up!



Try a class together

Turn the tables and ask your friend to support you in a class you’ve never tried. This way they are your support and encouragement and the focus isn’t on them. Just make sure it’s a class they’d enjoy too!


Organise group personal training

This way you get a customised session that suits you both and leaves you both sweating and smiling. Plus it’s half the price when there’s two of you fronting the bill!


Join a challenge or program together

Challenges and programs are perfect as they don’t require an ongoing commitment and they don’t cost the world! You and your bestie can sign up to my 30 Day Bikini Body Challenge, my 8 Week Body Transformation Program, or my 8 Week Booty Builder Program and support and encourage each other the whole way!

Tips for helping a friend get active:

It can be really hard when you know how positively an active lifestyle will affect your friends or family members, but they are resistant or unmotivated to try. Follow these simple tips to help you to encourage and support your bestie on their fitness journey:

  1. 1. Don’t be pushy or nag.

  2. 2. Don’t behave like a drill sergeant - be encouraging and supportive.

  3. 3. Meet them on their terms - don’t try to make them follow your regime, rather try to help them develop their own.

  4. 4. Do something they’re good at - especially at the start, this will keep the good vibes flowing!

  5. 5. Don’t judge - try to keep your ‘constructive criticism’ to a minimum, carefully choose how you give them feedback and always keep the last note encouraging!

  6. 6. Be a good listener - listen to their struggles, like and dislikes, and try to keep an ear out for excuses too!

So babes, if my blog has inspired you to get active with your girlfriends, let me know! Make sure you your #sweatyselfie with me by following me on @WorkoutsByKatya and tagging me using my hashtag #WBKgirls.

Love Katya