Selfie Game Strong - How to take a Flawless Selfie Guide

Hey girls,

Y’all know how much I love taking a gym selfie! I think that most people see it as a vanity exercise, but one of the top reasons I have always loved to take a selfie is to track my progress and also be damn proud of what I have achieved. Because let’s be real… Getting a body you feel confident in takes a lot of hard work, and you are going to have days where it doesn’t feel like you’ve made and progress… This is why selfies can be a game changer!  

I wasn’t always this confident in being photographed. It has taken practice and time. Girls I never want you to be ashamed of what you’ve got. There is no time like the present to embrace every stage of the process! One day you will be so grateful to look back and see everything you have been able to accomplish!

Truth be told, taking a powerful pic is not easy, believe me!

But these simple tips will allow you to step up your selfie game:

Today, not only am I encouraging you to be more confident in who you are right now (just the way you are) but I am going to give you some of my favorite tips and tricks to capture the PERFECT SELFIE!

  1. Clean the lens of your phone - Okay, this seems super basic. But guaranteed if you quickly clean the lens of your phone before taking a picture your image will be so much clearer. There is nothing worse than looking back and seeing a finger smudge has ruined your perfect pic!

  2. Lighting - Lighting is EVERYTHING for capturing the perfect angle and shapes. Make sure when picking your selfie spot that it is well lit! The best way to capture the angle is to make sure the light is hitting on your face or to the side to really show those hourglass shapes pop!

  3. Take MULTIPLE Pictures - Getting the most amazing selfie might sometimes take some time! Don’t be shy about taking a whole lot of pictures. It might be the first one you take but sometimes it might take a few more shots!

  4. Posing - Find YOUR best angle. Guaranteed we all have it! But every person's body is so different so your angle might be different to the girls next to you! For me? I like a slight pop of the hip aaaaand, of course, the selfie peach shot!

  5. Filters - Girls, don’t over complicate this one! Often less is more. Some of my favorite apps to use are VSCO, Colourtone, and Lightroom. One of the best tips I can give is to find YOUR unique color palette and stick with it. You might be a vintage princess, a light and white tones or a more natural hue! Find a couple you like, depending on if it is daylight or an internal light and make your feed have the same feel!

  6. Outfit Choice - Don’t worry about what anyone else is wearing. It is all about your shape! Pick outfits that accentuate your curves! For me, I am all about my activewear shots. I’ve designed my activewear line to give the perfect silhouette… Aka amaze selfie outfit choice!

  7. You do You - Remove all of the ideas of what people may or may not think about you and just do you! If it makes you happy? Then do it! If someone sees you at the gym taking a selfie and mocks it? Shake it off! Most of the time they are probably a little jealous that they didn’t have the confidence you had! You are being uniquely you which people often find hard to understand!

Make sure you tag me (#wbkgirls) in your best selfies girls! I can’t wait to see!