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I have been plant-based for over 2 years, and these have been the best two years of my life! One positive that I did not expect from transitioning to plant-based eating is that my skin has improved a lot! I break out less often, and my flare ups don’t last anywhere near as long, yay! I actually wrote a blog a few months ago about the benefits of certain plant-based foods on your skin, you can check it out here.

Today, I want to take my natural beauty tips one step further by passing on some of my favorite staple home beauty treatments. They are SO simple and the ingredients you need are probably already in your kitchen!!

Food For Face

Number 1: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the MOST versatile thing on the planet! It is super useful in cooking- I love adding it to homemade popcorn, I drizzle it on top of my salads and I add it to so many other recipes! Not only is coconut oil delicious, but it is also becoming a crazy popular ingredient in beauty products too! It is a powerful moisturizer, that’s great to use on dry skin and  mild skin conditions, such as eczema. Also, coconut oil can help to protect you from the sun, because this amazing ingredient has mild UV protective properties!


Number 2: Oats

This breakfast staple is actually a really useful beauty product with lots of uses. In fact, oats can even be used to relieve sunburn! They are hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory, making them great for mild eczema and rosacea. Oats reduce itching and inflammation, while improving the integrity of the skin barrier. You can also use oats as a really effective exfoliant that’s great for moisturising dry skin, and they contain a natural cleanser, called saponin.


Number 3: Cucumber

As you can probably guess, the benefits of cucumber are mostly due to it’s high water content, but it also has a few extra superpowers that you may not know about. The skin of cucumbers is rich in silica which can have a firming effect on loose skin! I also love to slice up cucumbers and place them over my eyes like I’m in a luxurious day spa. When placed over the eyes, cucumber decreases redness, inflammation and swelling, so it's perfect for after a tear jerker movie! Cucumber also provides an amazing relief foron sunburnt skin, and helps to heal you faster due to nutrients like water, vitamins A and C, potassium and sulfate.

Cucumbers Galore

Number 4: Avocado

Smashed avo, anyone? Avocado is one of my all time favorite foods and, if you can resist eating it, it also has amazing benefits when you use it on your skin! Avocado flesh and avocado oil can be used to moisturize your skin anywhere on your body and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Avocados can also be used as a moisturizing hair mask that will help to restore life and lustre to your locks!


Number 5: Maple Syrup

Like raw honey (but plant-based), maple syrup contains loads of beneficial compounds that have antioxidant properties. Maple syrup promotes hydration in the skin and can fight the aging process, who doesn’t want that?! It’s also another amazing pantry stable that helps to decrease inflammation and reduces swelling and redness.

Maple Syrup

Other kitchen staples you can add to your at home treatments:

• Coconut yoghurt

• Salt

• Sugar

DIY Natural Treatments

Coconut Oil Facial Moisturizer

  1. 1. Take about a teaspoon of coconut oil and rub between fingers

  2. 2. Gently massage a thin layer onto your face and neck

  3. 3. Leave for around 5-10 minutes

  4. 4. Gently remove by wiping with a cotton pad or cloth


Overnight Coconut Oil Hair Mask

  1. 1. Before bed, mix 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 teaspoons of peppermint oil (it smells amazing!)

  2. 2. Massage the mixture through your scalp and hair

  3. 3. Leave this mixture in your hair while you sleep.
    Tip: Cover your head with a shower cap and make sure you cover your pillow with a towel!

  4. 4. In the morning, wash the mask out and voila! Sweet smelling, soft, smooth, healthy, shiny hair!


Looking Your Best

Nightly Coconut Oil For Hair Hydration

Massage a few teaspoons of coconut oil through the ends of your hair at night. I basically do this every night as it really helps strengthen my hair and prevent breakage as well as keeping it hydrated and super shiny!

Oat, Maple and Berry Face Mask

  1. 1. In a small bowl, mix 4 tablespoons of rolled oats, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and a hand full of mashed blueberries together

  2. 2. Apply a thin layer evenly over your face (and neck) and leave for around 15-20 minutes

  3. 3. Gently wash the mask off by massaging your face in circular motions.


This mask will decrease redness and inflammation, hydrate your skin, as well as leave it feeling smooth and soft! You can also use this mixture all over your body as a cleanser and exfoliant.


Oat Dry Shampoo

    1. 1. Mix finely ground up oats with baking soda

    2. 2. Sprinkle into your hair

    3. 3. Leave for a minute or two and then brush or comb it out

This one’s great for when you need to freshen up your hair when you don’t have time to wash it!!.

So, my babies, why not extend your plant-based lifestyle choices to your skin and hair care? You will be surprised at how effective a natural approach can be, and you will have the added bonus of knowing that you are having a positive impact on your health AND the environment! #plantbasedbeauty

For your next beauty regime, try my amazing beauty foods recipes! Or, if you are feeling creative, you can create your own by choosing ingredients to match your own needs!

If you liked this natural beauty blog, make sure you let me know! Head to @workouts_by_katya on Instagram, and comment on what natural beauty topics you’d like me to write about next!

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