Glow On The Beach This Summer!



The months are starting to get warmer and that means one thing… Time to get those peaches to the beach!!! Y’all know how much I loveeeee Summer! I am pretty lucky here in Miami that we have warm and dry winters. Which really makes it summer year long round! But, now that we have just hit Spring in Miami, it means the heat is seriously dialed up!!!

I know there may be a few of my #WBKgirls that are a teensy bit (or maybe a little more than teensy bit) nervous to get a swimsuit on, and rule the beach… So, today I wanted to pass on my 10 top tips for getting swimsuit confident, that have helped me step onto the beach with pride! Believe me, you still have time to feel your best, it all starts with the decision to try...

1. Get your training and diet organized in ADVANCE of your holiday or summer season!

TIme to start picking whole foods, and an abundance of fresh and unprocessed foods. Not only will healthier food choices fuel your body with clean energy, assist in helping your body get to its best shape ever! I would recommend experimenting to get the ideal balance of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates (carbs are life, especially for us plant-based babes) in your diet. It might take a little trial and error to figure out what makes your body feel best, but it’s worth it!

You should also aspire to eat the colors of the rainbow to help your body radiate from the inside out. If you need a hand brushing up on your nutrition, why not email my team ( to see which of my meal plans is the best fit to help empower you to eat to support your health and goals.

If you haven’t been training, time to pick up those weights! Having an end goal, like feeling your best on the beach, is an amazing focus to keep you motivated! Map out a program, and know exactly what you will be doing to use your time efficiently at the gym, or join my WBKgirlsto have that extra support and guidance! If you are one of my #WBKBabes then you are already 110% on track, or are already swimsuit ready! All my programs (link to workout programs page) have been designed to build the peach and cinch the waist, to give you the perfect bikini body!

Aiming for consistency with your training and diet will help keep you in shape year long round.

2. Drink Up The H2O

Increasing your water intake is the easiest trick of them all! Water will keep your skin looking radiant, your metabolism firing aaaaand will also help combat water retention. Drinking water actually does the opposite of what you think; it stimulates your body to use and then release fluids! If you are someone who struggles to drink flat water, then I would suggest having coconut water, EHPLabs BEYOND BCAA’S (which contain coconut water) or adding some fresh fruit to your water! You could try adding Beyond BCAAS to sparkling water and a few ice cubes, which is a yummy and refreshing beachside drink that will keep you hydrated and crush any sweet cravings you may be having.  

3. Exfoliate + Moisturize Regularly

If you want your skin to be silky smooth and glowing by the pool, then get the exfoliating gloves out girls! The body is constantly regenerating skin cells, when this occurs the new, smoother skin cells push up to the skin’s surface, replacing the outermost layer of skin. To make it really simple for you girls, by exfoliating you are assisting your skin to reveal its youth!!!

Straight after exfoliating hydrate that soft new skin with moisturizer. I try to choose products with a base of coconut oil and of course vegan, all natural ingredients. It is all going to be absorbed into your system, so it’s best to keep things as natural as possible.


4. Pick a swimsuit that suits YOUR body shape

Picking a swimsuit can be tough and confronting ordeal! But, I want you to try to improve your mindset when you go to choose your next swimsuit. Start thinking about cuts that suit your body shape.... What works for you, might be completely different for another girl! In designing my Kiss My Peach swimwear I thought about styles that exaggerate women’s curves. I also listened to my WBKgirls and what styles they loved to wear! Her is my guide when picking a style for you:  

• Small Chest? Pick a top with padding or bandeau

• Bigger Chest? Go for a top with thicker straps

• Booty in progress? Show a little more with cheeky cuts

• Big Booty? Flaunt it or cover it more to exaggerate your best ass-ets

When your @KIssMyPeachSwimwear arrives (squeal!) choose your fitting location carefully! Look for a room with soft, natural lighting and choose a mirror that isn’t warped! Also, put conscious effort into focussing on the aspects of the swimsuit and your body that you like! You can even say out loud all of the things you like about what you see, no focusing on the negatives!!

5. Accessorize 

If you aren’t quite beach confident yet, time to accessorize! Adding a few final touches to your swimwear outfit could give you that little extra va-voom on the beach. Some of my favorite layering pieces are…

  • • Fine jewelry, or my favorite hoop earrings

  • • Aviator sunglasses

  • • Sheer overswim that can tie at the waist

  • • Scrunchie to match my swimwear

  • • Hair scarf / Headband

  • • Beach Bag to tie your outfit all together

6. Hair Care Down There

Okay, girls this one is a big one for hitting the beach... There is nothing worse than realizing just before you leave the house that you forgot to book a wax appointment! So, make sure you keep up consistent appointments with your beautician in the months before. You could also consider getting laser hair removal across the winter which would keep you hair free year long round!

7. Avoid Foods That Make You Bloat 

I think it is really important to be intuitive with you body. Your body will react to foods completely different to anyone else. Your lifestyle choices can also significantly impact how you digest and feel throughout the day. One of the most frequent questions I am asked is ‘how to de-bloat’!

If you are someone that is constantly feeling bloated and sluggish, one of the best recommendations is to start a food diary. Log what you eat each day, and how you feel at the end of each meal. Also, assess at the end of the day how your body is feeling overall. If it is feeling bloated and super sluggish then chances are high that there may be something in your diet causing this. If you can identify what might be triggering this effect in advance of swimsuit season you will know what foods to steer clear of and prevent bloating!

I would also avoid / limit 24-48 hours before:

  • • Heavy / big meals

  • • Excessive amounts of beans + legumes + cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cauliflower)

  • • Salt

  • • Alcohol

My go-to before heading to the beach is my Blessed Choc Coconut THICC SHAKE!


8. Do a Workout Before You Go to the Beach

Getting in a workout before you hit the beach will assist in making all those glorious muscles pop just that little bit more!!!! I have attached one of my go-to home workouts that can be done before you head down to the beach.

Set those timers and get ready for a full body workout to tone and tighten your arms, abs and booty! Aaaaand if you like doing this workout, make sure you are signing up to my BEACH PLEASE! challenge! I have created this challenge with the option of home workouts, or gym workouts, so all you girls can join in the fun. It is never too late to create the body of your dreams, sometimes it just takes one positive decision...

9. Get a Spray Tan

For my girls who haven’t been able to get a natural tan in the lead up to revealing their devine body, it is time to book a spray tan! There are SO many different options available these days, even all natural, vegan ones! It is really important that you get a tan color that suits your particular skin tone, to look as natural as possible! Depending on what the undertone is of your skin, ask your beautician what they have available or use this quick guide:

  • • Cool Skin Tone = Green base

  • • Warm Skin Tone = Violet base

  • • Neutral / Olive Skin Tone = Any!

Top tan tips?

  • • The morning of spray tan, have a shower, but skip exfoliating and moisturizing.

  • • After spray tan (leave on for time allocated) try not to have a hot + long shower. Aim for a short rinse off + warm shower.

  • • Stay moisturized - make sure everyday after tan you are hydrating the skin! Spray tans can be incredibly dehydrating.

  • • Try and get a tan that has natural ingredients, as I mentioned earlier some of the cheaper tans will be filled with chemicals. We don’t want those nasties in our system!

  • • If you are opting to gain your color from our glorious sun, make sure you are protecting your skin and the environment by choosing marine-friendly sun protection options. 


Of course all the other tips above are important… But my final tip is the most essential, and absolutely non-negotiable for this summer. This beach season, regardless of anything else that is going on, I want you to be CONFIDENT in you.

To be swimsuit ready? You just need to own a swimsuit, and absolutely rock the hell out of it!

Walk with power, keep your head held high, embrace your curves, and be proud of what you’ve got!!! There are too many girls out there skipping the beach because of fear of “what will people think”. I never want any girl to feel this again! You are so uniquely you. How amazing is it that there isn’t anyone out there like you? Stop comparing your body to anybody else’s and stop wishing for things you don’t have! Confidence comes completely from within. When you start believing in yourself, then everyone else will as well as well!!!

There is nothing sexier a girl can wear than confidence

So, who is ready to shine bright and rule the beach with me this summer? Remember us ladies need to support each other, so if you notice another babe on the beach looking particularly fabulous, go and tell her! You never know what another person is feeling, and what an impact that could make on their day!