My Golden Rules For 2019 

Happy New Year Babies!

I hope you all were spoiled by your loved ones over the holidays and got to spend quality time with the special people in your life! Now that the holidays are done, it’s got me thinking about New Years Resolutions and how good 2019 is going to be.

There are so many exciting things on the cards for WBK this year, from events and new challenges and all of this kicks off with the launch of my very own swimwear line Kiss My Peach!!! Bikini’s are one of my two favorite outfits (the other is obviously leggings!) and it is a dream come true to get the chance to create bikinis to really suit my girls with curves in all the right places!

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Now with the launch of my new swimwear range coming up super soon, I wanted to talk to you guys about how to kick the new year off RIGHT! I’ve got a few golden rules of sticking to your resolutions to pass on to you all that will keep you on track well into 2019!

Number 1 - DON’T BE EXTREME!

You will be tempted to head into the new year by completely overhauling your life! I’m talking new ‘diet’, new, super intense and demanding training plan, a crazy work schedule and a whole new level of strictness in everything you do. And while you’ll be doing all this with the best of intentions, often times it is just too much too fast!

We all know how this approach ends, a few weeks in some of your new habits might start to slip, leaving you feeling terrible and beating yourself up, which creates a negative cycle that leads to a lack of motivation, low confidence levels and ultimately falling off the wagon completely. A few weeks or months down the line you may be right back where you started at the beginning of the year or sadly, you could have even gone backward!

SO instead of setting the bar crazy high, I suggest choosing a few simple and easily actioned things to improve each week. Make small adjustments in the right direction each and every day, and build on these habits as each week goes by. This will create a positive pattern, where you feel good because you are doing what you aim to do, kicking goals daily! This sense of achievement will motivate you to keep it up.

Here are some easy things for you to do RIGHT NOW!

  • • Drink 1 glass of water when you wake up and 1 glass before you go to bed - hello hydration!!

  • • Take a walk around the block today (and tomorrow, and the next day and the next day ;)

  • • Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while

  • • Spend 1 hour social media free every day this week

  • • Eat one serve of plants every day this week

  • • Even if you don’t feel like it, hit the gym. Just start with something, anything, and let your moving body attract the motivation you need!

Number 2 - PRAISE YOU!

It’s so easy to focus on the mistakes we make and the ways we can improve. But how often do you actually give yourself snaps for what you’re doing well??? Putting yourself down and speaking negatively to yourself won’t result in positivity, it will only bring you down even more! And if you want to achieve your goals and dreams then you need to believe that you can!!!

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So my next golden rule is to consciously and regularly give yourself praise when you do something right, or well or that you know is good for you. So the next time you remember to stay hydrated, celebrate it! The next time you hit the gym even when you don’t feel like it, celebrate it!

Now when I celebrate, I don’t mean by popping bottles or with cake, I mean emotionally celebrate your efforts. Give yourself a little pep talk, it might sound a little like this ‘hey babe, congrats on hitting a PB at the gym! You made that PB because you have been training consistently and putting your goals first, and I’m so proud of you! Keep it up and you’ll be unstoppable! Xoxo’. Give it a try for a whole week - every time you take a step in the right direction, take a moment to praise yourself, and just you wait, the good vibes will be flowing!


Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying you need to ditch your crew and replace them all! This golden rule is all about surrounding yourself with people that are going to…

  • • Support you

  • • Help you get the tools you need to achieve your goals

  • • Lift you up

  • • Be real with you

  • • Believe in you!

So take a look at the people you spend the most time with and make sure they are bringing something to the table! Are they encouraging you to follow your dreams, are they offering their time and expertise to support you? Maybe your squad is already on point, but you might need to recruit someone to help you learn something new. For example, if one of your dreams is to create an hourglass figure, but haven’t trained before, you are going to need some guidance in the gym. This could be in the form of a personal trainer or maybe an online trainer like me, who can provide you with a training plan, 24/7 support from my team and the #WBKgirls community. If you are interested in following one of my programs you can see which of my plans would suit you and your goals here.

Sometimes achieving your dreams can be a lonely path, but being surrounded by a carefully selected group of people that care about you, believe in you and have your best interests at heart will make the process way more bearable.


It’s no secret that it takes time to achieve your dreams, no matter what you’re working towards! But it takes so much longer if there is no method to your efforts. If you aren’t following a plan, haven’t broken your goals down into smaller stepping stones, then how are you to know you’re heading in the right direction?

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The perfect example of this is transforming your body - if you have specific body goals, you don’t just go into the gym and do random exercises. You follow a training plan that has been created by an expert and is tailored to suit those goals and fit your lifestyle. This way you know that all that effort in the gym will be taking you in the direction of your goals, one workout at a time! 


Rather than building up your goals to be big, far away mythical things, continuously come up with small steps you can take every single day that will take you in a positive direction. This way you will know you are putting in the effort in a manageable way and making progress.

Think about it, if your goal was to do the splits for example, and you spent 10 minutes every day doing the stretches that will help you become more flexible, that's 70 minutes a week you would be spending to achieve that specific goal! You could apply this idea to any goal, whether it’s fitness-related, physique-related or even work related! The best thing about it is that anyone can fit 10 minutes of something into their day, the only question is what do you want to achieve?!?

So, just to recap, here are my top 5 golden nuggets for sticking to your New Years Resolutions in 2019 (or anytime you set yourself a goal really!) 

 • Don’t be extreme! Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

 • Praise yourself on the reg!

 • Choose carefully who you spend the most time with, and recruit a pro if you’re out of your comfort zone

 • Follow a plan! Don’t just wing it babes!

 • Take time out every day to put in the work!