I Got It From My Mama

Katya and Tawny Henry

Mother’s Day has to be one of my favorite times of the year. If you didn’t already know, my mama is my best friend, biggest role model, and inspiration for everything I do. Whenever I am looking for guidance, support or to be reminded about loving myself, she is my go-to. Did I mention that she is also my favorite workout buddy and the reason I have such a peachy booty (thank you genetics)? We literally do everything together!

Recently, I was lucky enough to bring her over to explore Sydney, Australia with me! I brought her to my WBK event where we met so many amazing WBK babes, we went to the EHP Fitness Expo andddd did lots of exploring! Sydney is one of my favorite places in the world to visit. There is so much delicious food, amazing shopping, the people are so nice, the beaches are beautiful (my favorite beach is Coogee) and of course, they have Koalas!!! Mom and I went to the zoo on one of our day trips! It was unbelievably cute!

I think it is really important around mother’s day to take the time to think about all of the things you love about your mom. And most of show them what they mean to you by spending time with them however you can! It doesn’t all have to be all the materialistic hype, the little things that go such a long way, like a coffee catch up or even just a phone call!

Start with the basics, a card telling your Mom just how much you love her…

  1. 1. What do you love about your Mom?

  2. 2. What has your Mom done recently, or in the past that you are so grateful for?

  3. 3. What has your Mom passed on to you that makes you who you are today?

Make sure you download the card below and tag me with what kind words you write your Mom!

WBK Mother's Day Card

For Mother’s Day this year I am going to spoil my mom with a day together! I am going to make her the most delish “I Love My Mom” bars using my favorite Blessed protein (recipe below) and wrap them up super cute!

I Love My Mom Bars

Go do a WBK legs partner workout, and just spend some quality tech-free time together! I know that I am normally so busy, so more than anything else, she appreciates quality time together!

WBK Mom Partner Workout