Hey Babes,

Some people out there believe that if you are looking to build muscle (or grow your booty) you need to avoid cardio. This is not the case! All of my workout plans incorporate cardio to improve your fitness and help transform your body. In this blog, I’ll clear up the difference between HIIT and LISS and show you why they’ll get you closer to your goals.

What is HIIT?

HIIT stands for ‘High Intensity Interval Training’, and is a form of cardio-based exercise that alternates between short bursts of very intense, or near maximum efforts and short recovery periods, that can be either moving or resting. The high intensity activity can be anything from running sprints, burpees, cycling to swimming or boxing; basically anything that increases the heart rate towards its peak. Max intervals tend to last up to 60 seconds, followed by recovery periods that range from 10 and 60 seconds, depending on whether the recovery is active (light exercise) or passive (complete rest). HIIT training is more about getting your heart rate up than it is about your sets and reps of an exercise. This kind of training gets your heart rate UP! And can be super challenging, but also super fun!

What Are The Benefits Of HIIT?

  • • HIIT increases the afterburn of exercise, known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), more so than other forms of training. This means you continue to burn Calories even when you’re done working out.

  • • More efficient training in terms of Calorie burn - using HIIT, you can burn the same amount of Calories as other exercise formats but in a shorter period of time.

  • • High Intensity Interval Training helps to improve the body’s use of oxygen (aka improved aerobic fitness) in a more time-efficient way than traditional cardio.

  • • Has been shown to produce muscular gains and decrease visceral fat, especially for those in the early stages of their health and fitness journey or those aiming to lose body fat.

  • • HIIT training can positively affect health too! By reducing heart rate and blood pressure as well as positively impacting blood sugar and insulin resistance. These are key players in the development of Type 2 diabetes, something you really want to avoid!

For most of us, the main benefit of HIIT training is producing more efficient results - you can get fitter and burn Calories (and keep burning them well after your session has finished) while exercising for a shorter period of time!


What is LISS?

The acronym LISS refers to ‘Low Intensity Steady State’ cardiovascular exercise, where your exercise intensity doesn’t raise your heart rate beyond 50% of its maximum. This intensity is sustained for prolonged periods, i.e. 30 minutes plus. You can measure the intensity by making sure your breathing is steady and you only break a light sweat.

What Are The Benefits Of LISS?

  • • Less uncomfortable and intimidating than HIIT workouts

  • • Places the body under less stress than HIIT, which some experts argue has far-reaching effects on the body.

  • • Tends to be lower impact, as yoga, swimming and walking can all qualify as LISS training. This is good for people with injuries, novice exercisers or those with poor body composition, as it is a safer way to reap the benefits of cardio.

  • • LISS can help athletes and experienced exercisers avoid overtraining by promoting active recovery which helps the body bounce back more quickly from heavier, higher intensity sessions.

But Which Should I Choose?


Whether you are an absolute beginner that is new to exercise, an athlete that is looking to improve your cardiovascular fitness, or a long term exerciser, you can benefit from incorporating both HIIT and LISS into your training plan. The key is to plan your training based on your goals. By incorporating both HIIT and LISS into your training you will see the fat burning benefits of HIIT combined with the more relaxed but still beneficial impact of LISS. For maximum improvements, incorporate strength training into your plan as well, and you will maximise your potential to get fitter, stronger and look better. My workout programs incorporate all of these training components and have worked wonders for me and thousands of girls all over the world!