Hello again, my babies!!!

This week, I thought I’d address a topic that I get asked about on the daaaily!

“How long should I train my lower body training per session?

How many rest days should I have?

How much / how little should I be eating?”

As you can see, these questions are all quite specific! I wish I could give you a one-size-fits all answer, but I can’t! Why? Because we are all different - we have different metabolisms, lifestyles, fitness levels, body compositions - what works well for one person may have a different effect on you!

That is why I have different workout programs, based on different goals, which I then split into either HOME WORKOUTS or GYM WORKOUTS!

The best program is the one that you STICK TO and the one that works AROUND your lifestyle - whether it’s based in the gym or at home. Today, I’m going to help my current & future #WBKgirls decide which program suits them best to get them to their fitness goals sooner!

Making the Right Choice:

Make sure when selecting your program that you are choosing something that suits the facilities you have at your disposal. For example, if you don’t have a gym nearby then a home-based program is a wise choice. Or maybe you have a great gym in your building, but you’re not sure how to use the equipment, following a gym-based program that offers guidance is the perfect opportunity to make the most of that gym. All of my gym-based programs come with instructional videos to help you feel confident using the equipment in your gym.

It’s also important that the program you select suits your goals, so having a clear idea of what you are aiming to achieve before you sign up will help (for help with goal setting, access my goal setting blog here). This will ensure the program you follow aligns with your expectations. Choose a program that provides support, and get in touch with them before you sign up if you have any questions about the program. Team Katya is here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about my meal plans and workout programs.

Results Speak For Themselves

A picture tell a thousand words, so I thought I’d show you some examples of how my #WBKgirls have transformed on both my home programs and gym-based programs. Check out these amazing girls!






Home training or gym based training - which one provides the best results?

Ultimately, the quality of the results you achieve when following a program is determined by how well you follow that program, and how hard you work. If you only do 50% of the workouts then you won’t see the same results as someone who completes every workout and follows my meal plan with 100% compliance. If you train hard but don’t eat well, you definitely still won’t make the the progress that you would have achieved if you nailed your nutrition!

So, if you:

Don’t want to worry about what you look like

Don’t want to fork out the $$$ for excess gym fees

Don’t want to have to wait for equipment while it’s being used by someone else

Like having your workout playlist blasting out of the speakers

Like to exercise outside

Choose one of these:

30 day bikini body challenge home workout program

8 week beach body transformation home program

8 week booty builder home program

However, on the other hand if you:

Like the social side of going to the gym

Feel motivated when there are other people training around you

Like to get out of the house & go somewhere to get your sweat on

Prefer to use machines and equipment to help you work up a sweat

Choose one of these:

30 day bikini body challenge gym workout program

8 week beach body transformation gym program

8 week booty builder gym program

OK, so I’ve chosen my program - what now?

The next important factor after choosing the right program is actually committing to it 100%! If you are determined to reach your goals; if you know that you want it, then you’re already halfway there (mentality is very important, girls!). The next part is to EXECUTE YOUR TRAINING PLAN!

Here are 4 ways to get the best possible results out of your program:

1. Follow Your Plan

This may seem obvious, but in practice, it’s quite hard to follow a program wholeheartedly. Cutting corners here and there may seem small enough to not take away from your results. But these little cuts can easily build it without you realizing it, and it can make all the unwanted differences! In order to achieve amazing results, you simply need to put in amazing effort - this means sticking to the plan as closely as possible!

2. Reach Out

My online training plans come with a great level of help and support. This comes in many forms! My support team is always available 24/7 to help with any WBK questions that may pop up before, during or after the program. You might already know this, but my little army of motivated and inspirational #WBKgirls are out there in the social media world to lift each other up. If you are following any kind of online program, make sure you reach out to the support team and the community that surrounds the program. This community will help lift you up when you are down or needing motivation and who knows, maybe you will be able to help someone else through a tough workout or even a tough day! Remember babies, ‘We rise by lifting others’.

3. Focus on Technique

Performing your training with correct technique has many benefits, such as decreasing the risk of injury, increasing muscle recruitment and activation and hence making your workouts more impactful. If you are not sure how an exercise should be performed, you can reach out to staff at your local gym, or if you’re following a home-based program you can choose from a couple of options: getting in touch with my support team, watch my instructional step-by-step videos that accompany my programs or even check out youtube videos!

4. Nourish Your Body

Pair your training program with a well-balanced meal plan! This way, your body will be adequately fueled to get the most out of your workouts, as well as maximise the efficiency of your recovery time. If you are looking to transform your body, you must match your Calorie intake with your activity levels and your goals to actually see the results you want. All my meal plans are based on a whole-foods diet which include nutrient-dense foods. From my personal experience, these are the foods that will set your body up for success!

The keys to building the body you’ve always dreamed of lies in choosing the approach that suits you! When you do so, you are removing the barriers that are getting in the way of becoming a better version of yourself.

If you aren’t already, make sure you follow my fitness page @workouts_by_katya! Tag me in your workout and foodie posts and hashtag #WBKgirls! Who knows, your pics might just inspire me and others to chase their dreams!

Ok girls, Let’s Work!