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Everyone wants to know how quickly they will see results, and whether they can possibly see a substantial amount in a short period of time. The answer is YES you can see results within the first few weeks of starting a new program and nutrition plan, however, there are a few factors that will affect the extent of those results. 

If you are a beginner in the gym (if you haven’t been training for more than 6 months), then you are likely to see changes, more quickly. This is because your body is being exposed to new stimulus that it hasn’t seen before, and needs to adapt! This will always be the goal for our training. However, it will become more difficult to do so as you spend more time in the gym. If you have been training in the gym for over a year, and feel as though your results have plateaued, don’t fear because you still have the ability to see results. By starting a new training program that is altered in either repetition ranges, exercises or structure, there will be a new stimulus for your body to adapt to. Stick to a training plan for 6-8 weeks, then ensure that you change it up to shock the body and continue results!

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Nutrition is not only going to be important in the beginning phase of your program, but anytime that you wish to see results (especially if you wish to see them quickly). The foundations of this mean eating in a calorie deficit for fat loss, or a slight calorie surplus for muscle gain, for the correct energy balance. If you wish to really refine your nutrition, it is a good idea to look at where you are getting those calories from. Ensure that you are eating an adequate amount of protein, and micro-nutrient dense sources of carbohydrates and fats. Because although body weight comes down to energy balance, if you are eating mostly whole foods then you will find that energy, motivation, and performance are greatly improved! If fat loss is your goal, I recommend aiming to lose 0.5-1% of your total bodyweight per week. This is still a significant amount, however, it is also sustainable for the long term! One of my weaknesses in the past was hitting my protein targets. A big game-changer for my nutrition has been by introducing Blessed plant-based protein into my daily routine. Post-workout this is a non-negotiable for me. My favorite flavor is Chocolate Coconut, sooo good in a post-workout smoothie! 

In the first few weeks of a program, you will be focusing on perfecting your form, which is incredibly important and will build the foundations of any muscle gain. I recommend using a weight that is difficult but not too challenging - this allows you to take these new movements slowly. The goal is to think about the muscles you are supposed to be working while executing the exercise. Although it may seem like not using a weight that is incredibly challenging, straight away is a waste of time, I promise you that it isn’t! You are more likely to see results from a controlled and perfect exercise than a rushed one. This is something I guide you through in all of my programs. I write my training programs to be similar to the exact training method I do, which means progression in weights and killing your form.

Another result that you can see in only a few short weeks is habit change. If you are serious about getting results, then it is likely that a few things will need to change in your lifestyle. In only 4-6 weeks of repetitive activities, your new routine will feel so much easier! Things like getting up a little bit earlier to fit in your workout, going for a lunchtime walk, and meal prepping all your healthy meals on a Sunday are great habits to start today! These small actions are going to set you up for both short-term and long-term success. 

By bringing your training, nutrition and good habits together, you will certainly be on the way to any results you are hoping to achieve, and it is possible to achieve them in a short period of time! My OUTTA THIS WORLD Challenge is relaunching soon as a PDF training plan only and is perfect if you are looking to shred down or build some glutes before Christmas and the New Year!