Hey Babes!


Hands upppp if each year you always seem to have a little too much fun over the holiday period, then proceeded to make a few New Year’s resolutions that only lasted until late January?

OR, maybe you go through this process every day? You promise yourself that you’ll improve your lifestyle almost every morning, but find yourself caving in to a sweet treat that you get offered by the afternoon!

If you feel like you can relate to either of these situations, you’re not alone! But don’t feel bad! You have a desire to change and that is a valuable source of motivation. Just like everything else in life, if you apply a little SMART thinking to the way you go about making changes, you will be more likely to succeed.

Give yourself a pat on the back for having good intentions! Now I’m going to show you some steps you can take to follow through on those promises you make to yourself!


There is an acronym that I love to use and swear by it to help me achieve long term, but difficult goals in my life. All of my programs - both meal plans and training plans - are based around this acronym. You can check them out here.

The SMART Acronym


Pinpoint the exact specifics of what you want to achieve. For example, instead of saying “I will go to the gym 5 times this week!”, you should be saying “On Monday, I will train legs at 5pm, etc.”. In other words, you should put together a workout schedule that includes days, times and workout plans rather than simply generalising what your actions will be for the week!


How will you measure your goal once it’s been achieved? Is there a clear way of measuring it? For the above example you could set checkpoints, such as every month, to see if you have made that 5 day benchmark. You could track your training on your phone or your diary, or even a wall planner. That way you can SEE very easily if you are taking little steps every day towards your long term goal.


Is the goal you have set for yourself realistic? Can you physically fit 5 training sessions a week into your schedule, or maybe it would be smarter to set the goal at around 3 sessions a week for a month and then check back in?


If your goal is to attend the gym 5 times a week, does that align with your overall lifestyle goals? Will going to the gym x times a week, at scheduled times, doing pre-planned sessions bring you the benefits and changes you’re hoping to achieve? If you were looking to get stronger or fitter or improve your physique, then this goal is perfect! If your goal was to learn to do a handstand or run a half marathon, then maybe your methods should be more relevant.



How long will it take you to achieve this goal? It’s simple, yet challenging to get the timing right! If you have never trained specifically for running before and your goal is to run a half marathon, you will definitely need a long period of time. Or if you are following the above example, and want to train 5 days a week, then you could achieve this goal in just one week. Instead a smarter time frame for this goal would be 1-3 months. The challenge is picking the right length of time to allow your goal to be achieved.

The SMART goal setting method is tried, tested and effective when you take the time to plan carefully. As you can see, you can use it for all kinds of goals and tasks, in all areas of your life, not just health and fitness!

The best method for getting this process dialed is to take some time out to think about your goals. Write them down on paper, or on your computer this way you can make it eye catching and colourful, and print it out and to be displayed at home or work. This way you can be regularly reminded not just of your goal, but also of the details surrounding it and what you are doing each day to get you closer to your dreams!

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