Water is a calorie-free fluid that is essential for life. You can live quite a long time without food, but only a few days without water. Water makes up ~70 percent of your total body mass. When our body is dehydrated, hormones are secreted to regulate the reabsorption of water from your urine and so that is why it’s a concentrated colour when you haven’t consumed enough water that day!


Unfortunately, for many of us, the thirst mechanism doesn’t work like it should. Some of us have been dehydrated for so long that we either ignore thirst confuse it for hunger. A large percentage of the population is chronically dehydrated and aren’t even aware!

Some of us will immediately reach for soda, juice, tea or coffee which can often compound the problem of dehydration; it’s water that your body needs and not “liquid candy” as soda should be thought of.

How your body uses water

- Water acts as a suspension medium for all the chemicals in your body. Without water, these chemicals would find it hard to mix and move. For example, plasma is the suspension medium for your various blood cells. No water? No way to circulate oxygen carrying red blood cells - making that workout a lot harder for you than it should.

- Water lubricates your joints, skin, eyes and digestive system. If you’re not drinking enough water, this can mean you’re more prone to injuries, cramps and flexibility. Water for you is like oil for your car!

- Water detoxifies your organs - toxins can be flushed from your digestive system and kidneys to be eliminated via urine. Have you ever noticed how much smellier and dark your urine is when you are dehydrated? That’s the increased concentration of toxins you can smell.





Staying well hydrated means that you are better able to flush these potentially harmful metabolic

remnants out of your system.


So how much water do I need?

I suggest that you drink at LEAST 2L of water per day plus a further half a litre per 30 minutes of exercise. This may be difficult for a lot of you, so I recommend increasing your water intake i increments until you reach your goal.

So, what now?

Once your body starts receiving the amount of water it deserves, you may be able to make some very noticeable changes.

- Clearer skin
- Less bloated
- Energise your muscles for your workout
- Boost metabolism

- Improve mood


Tea, coffee and juices as well as fruit and vegetables all contribute to your fluid intake as well but as it’s hard to estimate just how much water these sources provide. Simply put, you should shoot for 2L/day as a minimum.

Remember, if your body is telling you that you need water, you are already in a dehydrated state! As a general rule, your urine output should be regular, copious and mostly clear and odour-free.

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