Keeping Active In Isolation

Keeping Active In Isolation | WBK Blog

Being in isolation can be super unmotivating for a lot of us. Trust me girls, I feel this!! But just because you have the perfect excuse to lounge around at home, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do by your body! Our bodies were meant to move! All that hard work you’ve spent in the gym slaving away to build that perfectly sculpted peach, don’t let it fade away!! I’m in this together with you, so let’s stay active. We can do this!!!

Try one or all of my suggestions below to help stay active in isolation and let me know how you go on socials! I’d love to hear how you’re all going <3

Schedule In Your Workout

Make time for your weekly workouts! Fill in a planner then tick them off once you’ve finished a workout. There’s just something about ticking off a list! Leave it somewhere where you’ll see it so you’re reminded daily! Try one of my home workout programs, Booty Builder for gains or Beach Body if you’re wanting to tighten those curves.

Dance, baby!

I’m sure you all know that I loveeee to dance. Making up or learning one of the infamous Tik Tok dance’s is a fun way to get active, waste some time and have fun!! Check out my channel for ideas :P and get that booty poppin!!! Other fun ways to have a dance while in isolation is setting up a video call with your friends turning on the beats and having a dance together! Soo much fun and a good way to have a laugh as well! This is my favorite way to change my mood up in isolation. My mom even gets involved!!

Take Your Fur Baby For A Walk

Your four-legged friends need their daily exercise too!! If permitted where you are, taking your pet out for a walk is the perfect way to get some exercise and bond with them! Pets make it easy to social distance as well, the length of a standard leash should be how far away you should be from others. This way you can stay safe while still getting outdoors.

Start Skipping!

Jumping rope is a great cardio workout to try when you don’t have much space or you’re stuck indoors. Get your favorite pump-up music going and aim to jump rope for 1000 reps to begin with! Tag me in your socials with how many reps you managed! Make it a bit of a challenge! I promise your abs will feel the burn after this and even your legs will be sore the next day!

Set A Movement Alarm

It’s easy to get immersed in a juicy Netflix show and lose track of time. How to combat this? Set a movement alarm either every 30 minutes or hour. This will prompt you to get up from the sofa and move around. We weren’t designed to sit all day so taking some time just to walk around or do some stretches can get your body moving and help prevent injury caused by inactivity.

Endorphins Rush!

Just as the wise Elle Woods said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy”. Exercise helps you to release endorphins which in turn trigger a positive feeling. So if you’re feeling a little down from being in iso try one of my workouts! (Such as a booty band only workout to do anywhere)

So #WBKgirls show me what you’ve got this iso period and keep moving! There are so many benefits to be gained! What’re you waiting for? Stay active with me and let’s keep those peaches poppin’!!