Hey Babies!

A lot of my #WBKgirls ask me how I manage to stay on track when I am travelling, when I have events to attend, or when life gets in the way of my health and fitness priorities. So today I want to pass on my top tips for staying on track and overcoming challenges that might threaten to derail my progress towards my goals.

I Keep My Goals Front and Centre

If you have been following me on social you would have seen how goal-oriented I am. Setting goals is how I keep pushing myself to be better and continue achieving. This progressive mindset is what fuels my fire for self improvement. I strongly recommend taking the time to set some goals for yourself around health and fitness, career and self development. Once you have set these goals, display them somewhere clearly visible so you will see them everyday and be reminded of what you’re working towards! If you need advice on how to set smart goals, click here to read my goal setting guide.

I Prioritize 

When it comes to achieving my goals, nothing stands in the way! I make sure these are my number one priority. For me most of my goals relate to my health, fitness and business, so I take the following steps to ensure I spend getting myself closer to achieving my dreams each and every day:


  • • I make sure that I schedule and prioritise my training sessions, and show up no matter what!

  • • I plan and prep my meals and stick to them, I don’t make last minute, unhealthy decisions.

  • • If I know I’ve got a party or event happening I make sure I fit my training in and eat well the entire rest of the day.

  • • I stay hydrated, especially when I’m out on the town!

I Brainstorm Coping Strategies

I believe that you can overcome any obstacle if you are positive and keep an open mind, and we all know that curveballs are simply a part of life! So when I set a new goal I try to anticipate roadblocks that may arise and throw me off track. I then come up with a solution for each roadblock. For example, upon signing up to my 8 Week Beach Body Transformation I’ve had #WBKbabes fall ill or go on holiday while completing the challenge. You can bet that they didn’t just throw in the towel! We worked together to find a way to make the best of their situation so they could continue making progress towards their dreams!

I Ask For Help

This one is really hard for me, as I like to be in control, however one really important lesson I have learnt is that if it’s not my area of expertise, there is someone out there that can do a better job than me. For example, when I was ready to take my physique to the next level for my first WBFF comp, I reached out for help. The more experts you can surround yourself with that can support you and help to lift you up, the better! Asking for help comes in many forms such as:

  • • Asking your family to stop bringing unhealthy food into the house.

  • • Hiring a trainer to put together a program for you - I can help with this one; click here to check out my workout programs.

  • • Speaking up to friends or family about your goals and challenges, and asking them to simply support you in your journey.

  • • Getting advice from professionals about your nutrition to help you reach your goals, gain education and improve your health. Click here to see how my meal plans can take your nutrition to the next level!

These are just examples, but honestly, asking for help can be such an uplifting and empowering experiences. Remember that there is strength in numbers, so sharing your roadblocks with the right people will only make you feel stronger!

So my #WBKgirls I want you to remember this blog the next time something stands in the way of you achieving your goals. Rather than giving up and letting a challenge defeat you, think of it as an opportunity to grow stronger, learn how to prioritize your goal and find the right people to support you in hard times.