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Babessss! This year I am turning the BIG 25! I feel like this has to be one of my most exciting birthday milestones ever! I have learned so much over the last few years, and I just cannot wait to celebrate! I thought this year… It would only be fair that my #WBKgirls get to celebrate in style with me, for my 25th Birthday sale!!!  

I hope you girls are ready because this is going to be HUGE! To keep you from feeling overwhelmed for release I’m going to share with you my top 5 pieces from this sale, and of course how to get the best use out of them all. It was pretty hard to choose because this entire sale is amazing, however, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5…

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1. The Signature Booty Shorts + Long Sleeve Crop

One of my FAV activewear sets has to be the signature booty shorts combined with the long sleeve crop. These pieces are super comfortable to workout in and hug me in all the right places! My booty shorts are a guaranteed way to ensure that I walk into the gym beaming with confidence.

Feeling confident in shorts is a huge step for a lot of girls… Want to know my top tip? Be confident in your outfit and start appreciating alllll your curves! Stop worrying about what anyone else thinks, and rock your outfit with pride. My WBK booty shorts have been designed for my curvy girls to move. High waisted, great compression, flattering design for all shapes and sizes, aaaaand just long enough to exaggerate your assets!

Both these and my long sleeved crop feel light, and working out in them is a breeze. Which color will you rock at the gym this week? Grab one (or two ;)) and give this quick cardio workout a go!

WBK Cardio Circuit Workout

2. Foam Roller

My foam roller is essential! It is so important to keep up a good stretching routine alongside your training to help release tight muscles. This will help prevent injuries, improve your training game and also help you to recover faster between workouts. As much as we all love training the booty we need to make sure we stretch the muscles, as well as build them! 

If you have any mobility issues and can’t seem to get a full range of motion with some exercises, then stretching and rolling will benefit you even more! My foam roller is so easy and convenient to use, I roll when I’m catching up on a Netflix show.

Try these foam rolling exercises after you grab yours:WBK Blog | My Go-To Foam Roller Exercises

3. Lounge in Style

My classic ribbed leggings paired with the classic ribbed jacket is the perfect loungewear set for days that you need to chill out and RELAX in style!

I find a lot of girls have trouble switching off these days, and I can relate to this. Sometimes you can’t help but feel guilty for doing something easy that relaxes you instead of being super productive. However, it is so important to take downtime, otherwise, you’ll be constantly on the go which leads to a massive burn out, and no one has time for that! Instead make sure that you schedule in some time to yourself, with your phone on airplane mode (and wearing your classic ribbed set of course).

Here are some of my favorite downtime tips:

  • • Turn your phone off or on night mode! Too much technology and social media can cause stress and anxiety, which is the opposite of what you want while you’re trying to relax. You are watching a stream of people’s highlight reels, which can be overwhelming. It is good for your mind to take some time off tech! Book it in each week like you would schedule a meeting!

  • • Watch your go-to feel good movie! It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it 100 times, if you want to watch Beauty and the Beast alone and sing every word then you should do exactly that.

  • • Light some candles and take a bath. I literally take candles with me everywhere. Sometimes you need to shut the world out and be alone with just your thoughts. As scary as that sounds, mindfulness has been proven to help with stress and overthinking. Don’t forget a lavender candle to create a calm and relaxing space.

  • • Put on your beats on and cook up a storm. Find a soul-warming meal and make it from scratch. I promise it will taste even better if you’ve made it yourself. Cooking is my therapy! Give this recipe from my Summer Tone It Challenge a go: 

4. Workout Gloves

If you have ever experienced sore wrists at the gym, then I recommend you get a pair of my workout gloves! Just like you have to gradually progress your weights, your wrists need that TLC as well. It is easy to claw onto the weights without even realizing it. This can cause too much strain on our wrists when using some heavier dumbbells or a barbell. My workout gloves help with your grip and feeling secure holding onto heavier weights. These workout gloves are made to take the strain off and lift weights with ease!

5. WBK Gym Bag

My WBK Gym Bag is the perfect size for everything that I need at the gym! If I have a busy day, then I can even fit anything I might need before or after my session too. Here’s what you would find in my gym bag:

  • My Shaker and a tub of Blessed Protein! If I need to give me a boost before my workout or refuel straight after the gym, this is so convenient. All I need is to scoop the protein into my shaker, add water or almond milk and mix for a delicious boost.

  • Foam Roller for when my muscles are feeling tight and I need a quick release.

  • WBK Gym Towel for those sweaty workouts! It is great to lie down on a yoga mat, or onto the machines.

  • WBK Booty Band Kit, because I love the booty burn while using them in my Summer Tone It Challenge workouts!

So, which sale pieces are you going to purchase? I cannot wait to see my babes rock their WBK activewear! Make sure you tag @workoutsbykatya and #WBKgirls!!!

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