The Benefits Of Using Booty Bands

The Benefits Of Using Booty Bands| WBK Blog

Everyone is using booty bands these days, and some of you girls may wonder why? It is easy to just blindly follow advice and Instagram workouts however I want you girls to truly understand WHY you are using them and what they do!

Activating Glute Muscles Before A Workout

“Why are my quads so sore when I was training glutes yesterday?” This happens more often than you’d think and is because you have not activated your glutes before the session. When we activate them, essentially we turn on the muscles before a workout and get the glutes firing. This can be done easily by utilizing booty band exercises to help get blood flowing to the booty. Some of us may tend to be more quad dominant meaning these are the muscles that are used mostly in day to day activities such as walking (this is especially common if you have a job where you sit down most of the day eg. office workers). Using booty band exercises in warm-up ensures that the glute muscles will be activated, helps to reduce the risk of injury, and gets you ready to werk, werk, werk! So you can reeeeally feel the burn when you workout (I’m talking fireeee)!

Booty Band Activation Exercise | Workouts By Katya

Different Resistance Levels

Booty bands come in a variety of different resistance levels. In my set, I include a medium, strong, and extra strong variation. Depending on the type of exercise, differing resistance may be recommended. When I perform a clam exercise I will choose the medium strength band and when I’m performing squats I will choose the strong and work up to the extra strong band. THICC lower bodies here we come!

Booty Band Kit | Workouts By Katya

Isolating Muscle Groups

Similar to when you’re wanting to activate the glutes, you may want to target a specific muscle when training. Booty bands make it super easy to do this! When using a booty band it’s possible to target the lesser-used glute muscles allowing us to really create that poppin’ peach. I show you more of this in my new Booty Band Bible.

Small and Lightweight

Booty bands don’t take up much space in your gym bag and are super lightweight meaning you can take them anywhere. Whether you’re wanting to workout at the gym, home, or even outside booty bands can come along too. I literally have one in my bag at all times! You never know when you might need one ;)

Not Only For The Booty

Believe it or not, booty bands can also be used for a whole variety of exercises not only targeting the glutes area. Booty bands can be used for exercises targeting the arms, shoulders, and even back muscles. You can incorporate them into a full-body workout too... hello, versatile! Try exercises such as band pull aparts, lateral arm walks or side raises with a booty band.

Rehabilitating Injuries

Have an injury? Booty bands can help get you back in tip top shape (obvi under the supervision of a physio or occupational therapist). Booty bands can help you target a muscle that may have become weaker due to injury. How amazing is that?

Want to feel the burn and fire up your juicy peach muscles why not give the workouts in my Booty Band Bible a go! I’ve worked super hard on this one and I hope you #WBKgirls love it as much as I do!!! <3