5 Questions To Help You Unlock Endless Motivation

Hey Babies!

Social media is full of pictures, quotes and posts about motivation.

Everyone needs it to achieve their goals, but very few can actually help you find it inside yourself. Today I want to empower you with some practical tools to finding your own powerful source of internal motivation.

The people that are most looked up to in the health and fitness world are the ones that put in the work day in and day out. They show up to the gym no matter what. They stick to their meal plan without any struggles… Or so it would seem.

The reality is that these people have struggled, and they have doubted themselves, they have missed meals and sessions, they have had setbacks - believe me, I know! But I have learned from my challenges and unlocked a key factor in sticking it out - I am internally motivated!

What is internal motivation?


We all have access to two sources of motivation- internal and external. All of the images, videos, quotes, articles and books that we read, personal trainers we hire, these are external sources of motivation. Internal motivation is very special because it comes from within, and this can be the most effective form of motivation because it is always there for you to tap into. Finding a meaningful source of internal motivation is the key to achieving those big, life changing dreams.

If you want to tap into the powerful driving force that is internal motivation, you need to have REALLY good reasons to be making change! For me, when I chose to take on a plant-based lifestyle, which was a huge challenge, my internal motivation was strong! I wanted to improve my health, do my part to reduce animal cruelty, improve the environment, and prove to the world that you can have your dream physique without needing to eat meat! These reasons for change were strong enough to motivate me to completely overhaul my lifestyle, and I am so much better for it!

So the real question is, what are your true and powerful reasons for change? Once you have identified that powerful reason, you will always be able to draw on it for motivation, constantly driving you forward.


How to find your Reason For Change


Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers (so you can refer back to them later):


  1. 1. What is my goal?

  2. 2. How will my health benefit from achieving my goal?

  3. 3. How will my mind benefit from achieving my goal?

  4. 4. How will my family and friends benefit from me achieving my goal?

  5. 5. In what ways will achieving my goal improve my life?

Answering these 5 questions will demonstrate the positive impacts your goal will have not just on your own life, but also the lives of your loved ones. You need to have powerful reasons to make hard changes in your life. Once you know what these reasons are, you can think of them when things get tough and you feel like quitting. One strategy to help remind yourself of these reasons is to use a motivation board…



Creating a Motivation Board

Motivation boards are a place to combine everything that gets you excited to achieve your goals. They can be full of inspiring images and quotes, as well as photos of your loved ones or maybe of yourself from the past. The only limitation here is your imagination

On the surface these seem like very simple, easy to answer questions. But if you get down to the deeper meanings behind them, you will unlock a really meaningful reason for change.

For example, many people want to eat better. On the surface a reason to eat better is to look better. But if you delve a little deeper you may come to realise that the real reason you want to eat better is because you want more energy, better skin, improved body composition, to be a better cook, improved confidence, a sense of pride in your lifestyle and to set a great example for your family and friends. These are much more meaningful reasons to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to change than to just look better.

Here is my step by step guide to finding a more meaningful reason for change and unlocking endless motivation!

  1. 1. Set your goals using my how to guide  

  2. 2. Once you have chosen meaningful goals that are S.M.A.R.T. start to ask yourself why you want to achieve the goals you have chosen. Try to dial in exactly what you find motivating about this goal. The more specific you can be about the positive outcomes you will experience, the better! It also helps if your goal also somehow means you can help others. For example, if you are a mum and want to improve your diet, this will have a direct impact on your children, and their lifestyle, in a positive way.

  3. 3. Place your WHY front and centre - take all of the positives, the motivational factors and the reason you want to make these changes, and display in a place that you can access when you need it. This could be as simple as creating a list on your phone, or you can get creative and create a mind map or ‘Why Board’ that you can display somewhere central, like next to your bathroom mirror. You can include pictures of family members, or other motivating images such as a photo of the destination of your next holiday. Even just getting creative and using some colour will make your ‘Why Board’ more effective.

  4. 4. Refer back to your ‘Why Board’ whenever you are considering flaking out. If you don’t want to get out of bed early in the morning to train, think of an image from your ‘Why Board’. If you are considering indulging in a cupcake at a friend’s birthday, think of your ‘Why Board’.

Remember - the more meaningful your reasons for making change, the more likely you are to succeed. Take the time to really get down to the true meaning behind your desire to change and keep this reasoning front and centre. Always think of it when you are struggling to stick to the plan, and you will find it easier to stay on track. You can apply these goal setting and motivational steps to other areas of your life, like career, health, education, everything!

Add this technique, along my goal setting guides (click here for part 1 and part 2) to your motivation tool kit! Here are my top tips for achieving your goals:

  1. 1. Set SMART goals

  2. 2. Dial in your HOW - make sure you have a plan that will get you where you want to go. If you feel you need help here, check out my meal plans and training programs.

  3. 3. Find your WHY - this is the key to unlocking a limitless source of motivation. Find a why that is meaningful enough to get you through the tough times.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks girls, as I have plenty more tips for achieving your goals. In the meantime make sure you share this with a bff you know needs a helping hand with motivation!

Ok girls, let’s work!