Hey girls!

Fitness is ALL about challenging yourself. If you aren’t constantly striving to improve, your body’s muscles and metabolism will quickly catch up adapt to whatever routine you may be doing. That’s why so many girls hit a plateau, and ask me why they’re not seeing progress even when they’re training booty 4 days a week!

So, during the month of June, I set my WBK Ambassadors a fitness challenge to take their training to the NEXT level! I made sure they really got out of their comfort zones, completing a bunch of exercises they would not normally do, and in doing so, learnt not only about their physical strength but also their mental strength!

Basically, each girl had to add 4 brand new exercises (that they’ve never tried before) on top of their pre-existing training schedule over 4 weeks, and we cheered each other along the whole way! The exercises had to be something they had never done before or something out of their comfort zone.This way, they had plenty of room for improvement!

The goal of this was to showcase the fact that there’s always the opportunity to improve your health, fitness and physique, even once you have surpassed the initial goals you set for yourself!

So what did my #WBKgirls notice about getting out of their comfort zones?

Emily Youkhana

I found that this challenge REALLY leaned down my biceps and shoulders (surprisingly), and I built muscle in areas I never expect. Also my stomach was noticeably leaner than before the challenge.

Emily Youkhana

What really motivated you to push through this challenge?

Micayla Oniskey

It was great knowing that the other WBK Ambassadors were going through the same challenge alongside me! Seeing their posts and workout ideas were extremely motivating and helpful for me in terms of switching up my own routine. I was able to communicate with the other girls in the team about what they were doing each week and how things were going. And from a personal perspective, keeping in mind that this challenge would help me achieve my physical goals and build mental strength was a main driver of success.


Being a WBK Ambassador really motivated me to stay on top of the challenge. Representing such a respected brand carries a responsibility of promoting consistency and dedication in everyday fitness. This helped with the preparation of my mindset before the challenge even began. I knew I had to stay motivated to produce a positive result at the end of the challenge. Seeing the results from other ambassadors as well made the challenge feel like a team effort and pushed me to hit the gym even if I was having an off day. The challenge was difficult, however I am so proud of the effort I put in and the results I achieved!

What did you learn about yourself during this challenge?


That I really enjoy switching up my routine and trying new things, even if I'm not good at them! I think that a lot of the time, it's easy to get caught up in working out to look a certain way, which isn't always enjoyable after a while. This challenge month allowed me to shift my goal more toward performance and generally having fun in the gym, which was really refreshing and motivating in itself.


I learnt various things about myself during the challenge, one in particular being that if I see others participating and motivating, it drives me to work harder. Seeing great results from my fellow ambassadors really drove me to achieve my own body goals. Even though it was only 30 days, I still learnt that a positive mind frame is critical to maintaining a consistent gym and healthy eating routine.

Check out another one of my ambassadors, Gennara Musta, who decided to document her month of challenges by recording her training videos!

Challenge exercise 1: Barbell Glute Bridge


A post shared by @gmusto_ onJun 14, 2018 at 2:54pm PDT


Challenge exercise 2: TRX Bulgarian Split Squat


A post shared by @gmusto_ onJun 9, 2018 at 12:01pm PDT

"To perform this exercise push your hips back and get deep into that lunge, make sure that your knee does not overextend past your toe. Challenge your core a little more and do it on the trx like this and try to keep that balance!"

 Challenge exercise 3: Kettle Bell Finishers


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I think all of my #WBKgirls would agree that once you’ve made health and fitness a lifestyle, there are endless pathways in which you can take your training to the next level!

My #WBK Ambitious Ambassador Challenge also highlighted:

  • • The value of having a supportive network - whether it’s your teammates, your family or your friends - when working to achieve your goals, it makes a difference that’s not called for at all!

  • • How watching others work hard to achieve their goals can motivate you to do the same!

  • • We are ALL role models and setting an example for someone, whether we know it all not. Sometimes, I like to tell my girls to “train as though everyone’s watching!” - this even helps to keep ME accountable.

  • • It takes a positive mindset to keep that motivation and get you closer to achieving your goals. Never mind what setback there is, it’s your attitude that dictates how quickly you rise back up to the top!

It can be motivating to have goals that are oriented around performance as well as body goals. Fitness is mind + body, not one or the other, girls!If you are ready to step up your fitness game, why not check out which one of my workout plans would suit you? Or if you’re not sure where to start, click here for help on how to choose the right fitness plan based on your goal!