Giving it your all during training sessions, making sure your nutrition was on point, and changing your lifestyle to reach your goals has finally paid off. You’re on the path to earn the body of your dreams. Congratulations!


You’ve made sacrifices, gone through many obstacles/challenges, broke through plateaus, pushed yourself to reach new limits, but the journey isn’t over yet. In fact, you’ll soon realize that maintaining or improving what you currently have will require more work!


So, what’s next?


Maintenance and Improvement

Your current physique is a product of the hard work you put in during workouts and a reflection of your dietary practices and lifestyle changes. However, your progress will decline if you become too complacent and start slacking on these two areas.


Here are some quick tips to maintain your current state and keep progressing:

  1. 1. Stick to a training program that focuses on progressive overload. Slowly progressing over time will give you a stimulus that is sufficient for changes but not too high that you’ll get burned out or worse - get injured.

  2. 2. Adopt a sustainable nutrition plan. It is important that you maintain a long-term nutrition plan that doesn’t leave you hungry and full of cravings all the time, otherwise you are at a greater risk for binge eating and yo-yo dieting, which will ruin your hard work.

  3. 3. Do research on more advanced topics such as sports nutrition. At this point, articles intended to inform the average gym goer won’t cut it for you. Studies and journal articles will help expand your knowledge and can make you a more credible source for information so that you can help others to succeed.

  4. 4. Take pictures from time to time to keep yourself accountable. It’s extremely easy to become complacent with yourself once you’ve reached yours goals, so pictures may serve as that extra motivation to keep you from regressing.