Hey Babies!

As you know, I recently competed in my first WBFF competition, and WOW did I learn A LOT!

Even though I’ve always been passionate about my health and fitness, competing took it all to the next level, which was a really big learning curve for me. The main reason I wanted to compete was to give myself a new goal and a new challenge. I truly believe that if we want to be better, we need to be constantly challenging ourselves… everyone needs goals right?!?

After spending months solely focussed on optimizing my physique based on the WBFF requirements, it really showed me that you have to believe in your goal if you want to give it your best. The whole process also reminded me how important it is to have a plan when you are working outside your comfort zone. I had a fantastic support network that helped me map out the process and all the strategies I could use to help me get on that stage!

If you are hoping to improve your lifestyle and achieve your dream body, ask yourself these questions:

  1. 1. What plans will I have in place?

  2. 2. What is my specific goal?

  3. 3. How long do I have to get there? Or

  4. 4. How long will it take to get there?

Once you have got your answers, the next step is to put together your plans based on your goals. I have training plans that suit different goals and time frames…

Once you know which plan is for you, you just need to customise it to your experience level:

Beginner = 0-6 months training

Intermediate = 6 months to 2 years training

Advanced = 2 years or more experience with training

Choosing a plan that suits your goals, time frame and training experience is going to set you up for success, giving you the best possible chance of achieving those goals. I have helped so many #WBKgirls all over the world, not just by providing programs, but also a nurturing support environment- this is what it takes to achieve your dreams!

Follow these action steps to help choose the right program for you:

  1. 1. Choose your goal- make sure really believe in it, want it, and are willing to work hard for it!

  2. 2. Set your time frame- this can be short (1 month) or a little longer (2 months or more)

  3. 3. Decide where you will train - home or gym.

  4. 4. Choose your plan (and stick to it)!

Ok babes, let’s get planning!