Why You Should Rock A One Piece This Summer!

I hope that you girls are excited about my new ONE PIECES coming to Kiss My Peach Swimwear very shortly! I certainly can’t wait for you all to try them out and love them as much as I do, just in time for summer.Why You Should Be Wearing The Luxe One Piece This SummerIt makes me sad to know that there are still ladies out there who are afraid to wear swimwear at the beach. We should all have the confidence to choose our favorite bikini or swimsuit and flaunt it without giving anything else a second thought. I know that this sounds easier than it actually is, but we need to remember that we are all so beautiful in our own ways! The girl whose bum you wish you had, may wish that she had your stomach. So there is absolutely NO point in comparing ourselves to others or caring what anyone else thinks. Wash away all that fear and negativity in the ocean wearing your Kiss My Peach Swimwear!

I created my @workouts_by_katya programs to help beautiful ladies around the world move their bodies, get a sweat on a create shapes but most importantly to build CONFIDENCE! I started to feel way more confident in every aspect of my life when I started working out, and not just because of my appearance. Training has been proven to increase confidence purely from the endorphins! Here is an example of a workout that you could find in one of my challenges:

WBK Blog | Full Body Circuit

A one piece swimsuit is a great way to highlight all of your curves and assets. I have designed these pieces to ensure that they sit in the most flattering way possible on your body, because I want each and every babe out there to feel their most confident and happy selves! It was a long and thoughtful process creating the perfect styles for you girls. I chose a beautiful figure-hugging swimsuit as this creates an hour-glass shape, which is emphasized by the high-cut thighs on the sides of the swimsuit. A bare low-cut back with a cheeky bottom will keep you babes feeling sexy at the beach and make that booty pop. I chose to keep a lower-cut front to help accentuate the chest, with thinner straps for delicacy. The mix of nylon and spandex materials are the ultimate fabrics for swimwear as they create a supportive piece to keep you stress-free!

The beauty of a one piece is that it can easily be transformed into daywear within minutes. From the beach to the streets, you will own it this Summer!

Here are some of my favorite outfits that you can create:

  • • With the addition of a matching mini skirt and sneakers you have a cute daytime outfit that you can wear to breakfast or lunch on your beach day.

  • • A one piece paired with my WBK For Him Joggers and some sneakers is a comfortable yet stylish outfit for those relaxed days and for when you want that ‘effortless’ look (and the bonus is that this look is ACTUALLY effortless!).

  • • You can match your new one piece with those old high waisted denim shorts that we all love! There is no better outfit combo than one made of your two most comfortable pieces. Add some sneakers for a casual outfit, alternatively some heels or wedges if you’re looking to dress it up.

  • • For a more dressy occasion, you can add some skinny jeans and heels to your one piece, perfect for a beach day followed by dinner with friends or a date.

You can rock your one piece styled for any occasion. Not only is it so easy to turn into a cute outfit for your beach day, but it doubles as a comfortable bodysuit for any day of the week!

WBK Blog | Kiss My Peach One Piece

On those hot Summer days I pack my WBK backpack with everything I need for my beach trip! I’ll be wearing my Kiss My Peach one piece of course, most likely paired with my high-waisted denim shorts and sneakers. In the bag I pack:

  • • My Katya Signature Beach Towel to laze around in the sun

  • • A shaker with my Beyond BCAAs to keep me hydrated all day long

  • • High protection sunscreen to ensure maximum protection for my skin

  • • A spare pair of pants and heels so I can wear my one piece from the beach to the streets!

I can guarantee that this range will be a staple in your summer wardrobe! I can’t wait to see all of my babies wearing them, so make sure you take a pic and tag me in your photos at @kissmypeachswimwear!