Outta This World Workout Program | PDF

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Workouts Only

Build My booty

Tone My Whole Body

Weight Loss

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WORKOUT PLAN HOME or GYM training options are available.

  • Challenge yourself no matter where you are! 
  • 6 weeks of workouts, training up to 6 days per week 
  • Workout videos, step-by-step instructions & form tips 
  • Progressive program to maximize glute growth & strength, as well as improve body fat levels and improve fitness 
  • 3x lower body sessions, upper and core 
  • Full body HIIT sessions to maximize fat burning and get you outta your comfort zone 
  • Sunday yoga sessions to help improve recovery, joint mobility and support your performance and progression from your workouts 
  • Weekly updates to your training plan to keep things fresh and interesting

You'll require: Dumbbells, booty bands, long resistance band or loop, and swiss ball

Your program will be delivered on a week-by-week basis straight to your inbox. Each workout will contain demo videos as well as step-by-step instructions & tips to ensure you perform the exercises correctly and confidently!


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  • My team of fitness & nutrition experts are also here for you so know that 24/7 expert advice is just an email away!