Katya's Transformation Stack

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  • Katya's Transformation Stack
  • Katya's Transformation Stack

Katya's Transformation Stack

Kickstart and enhance your transformation with my Transformation Stack! This stack will ensure that you maintain sufficient protein intake for repair and maintenance of lean muscle tone and branched chain amino acids for recovery of your muscles and to ensure that you do not break down important muscle tissue while burning fat!


The stack includes:






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Glutamine | Recovery Amino Acids

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Kickstart and enhance your transformation with my Transformation Stack! This stack will ensure that you maintain sufficient protein intake for repair and maintenance of lean muscle tone and branched chain amino acids for recovery of your muscles and to ensure that you do not break down important muscle tissue while burning fat!

A pre-workout is one of the essential supplements you should have in your training arsenal! For those days you're lacking the energy or motivation, they provide an increase in strength, better mental focus and greater drive to help you be more productive in your workouts and achieve your goals!

RP Max CNS Thermo pre-workout and PSI are high quality pre-workouts by EHPlabs that will allow you to work harder by increasing your energy and motivation, reducing fatigue, faster recovery and will also enable you to go harder for longer!

Choose between the new plant-based protein, Blessed Protein, or the lean whey protein OxyWhey to help you meet your daily protein requirements, use as a meal replacement, or add to recipes to make them taste great! 

My Transformation Stack also includes Glutamine, which will help to improve muscle anabolism, help to hydrate muscle cells, support digestive health, mental wellness and further improve immune function!

The stack includes:

Katya Transformation Stack
Katya Transformation Stack 2


PSI & RP Max

RP Max pre-workout and PSI pre-workout both have a different purpose and contribute in a unique way to enhancing your performance. RP Max - Take 1 scoop of RP Max with 8-10 oz (240-295 mL) water 15-20 minutes before your workout. To get the most benefit out of RP Max, we recommend that you only use it on training days and not within 5 hours of going to sleep due to its stimulant-based nature. This makes RP Max an optimal addition to morning and lunchtime workouts. PSI - Take 1 scoop of PSI with 8-10 oz (240-295 mL) water 20 minutes before your workout. As PSI is not stimulant based, it should be used in the place of RP Max if training later in the day or at night (less than 5 hours before going to sleep). Stacking - PSI can be stacked with RP Max so that you gain all the benefits of the stimulants and fat burner thermogenics from RP Max along with the increased blood flow benefits from PSI’s vasodilation nutrient delivery system, contributing to a highly energetic, focussed workout along with an increase in muscle volumization and pump. This combination should only be used in the morning or for lunchtime workouts due to its stimulant-based nature.

OxyWhey Lean Protein

Consume twice daily or as your dietary needs require - Mix 1 scoop of OxyWhey with 6-8 ounces (177 ml - 295 ml) of chilled water or nonfat milk. We recommend consuming OxyWhey in the morning with your breakfast and also as a post workout protein shake (within 20 minutes after your workout to ensure you maximise your muscle recovery and lean muscle development).

Beyond BCAA

Consume during your workout and/or throughout the day to maximise muscle recovery and limit muscle tissue breakdown. Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-10 Ounces (240 - 295 ml) of chilled water.


Take 1 to 2 scoops with 10 oz (295ml) of water. Do not exceed 3 scoops in one day.

Supplement Facts

Blue Raz

RP Max




How does Blessed Protein differ from whey proteins?
  • → Blessed Protein is dairy/lactose free. Whey Proteins are not.
  • → Blessed Protein is alkalising at pH 7.8 for improved recovery and energy. Whey Proteins are acidic.
  • → Blessed Protein has a comparable amino acid profile including all essential amino acids
  • → Blessed Protein is low GI and Low Carb, making it ideal for supporting weight loss
  • → Blessed Protein has an all-natural great taste


Is Blessed Protein Manufactured on a Vegan dedicated production line?

Yes, Blessed Protein is manufactured on it’s own dedicated production line in our state of the art manufacturing facility, ensuring it doesn’t come into contact with any animal or dairy products. Each batch is HPLC, UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography) and LCMS tested to ensure purity of ingredients and the absence of contaminants.


Where is Blessed Protein sourced from?

Blessed Protein is extracted from Pure Golden Yellow Pea Protein Isolate, the highest quality pea protein source available.


What flavours is Blessed Protein available in?

After several test runs, the winners for the 3 initlal launch flavors were; Salted Caramel, Vanilla Chai, Choc Coconut.


How do I take Blessed Plant-Based Protein?

Mix 1 scoop with 240ml (6-8oz) of chilled water or almond milk in a shaker bottle.


What is the best time of the day to take Blessed Protein?

Blessed Protein may be taken at any time of the day, either on its own (with water) or mixed into smoothies, yoghurt or juice.


Will I Crash After Using RP Max or PSI?

RP Max Pre-workout should not cause any post workout crash as it focuses on stimulating the CNS and reducing the blood brain barrier to improve focus and cognitive ability. There is also a limited amount of caffeine, dosed to ensure that you do not burn out your adrenal glands and release excessive cortisol (stress hormone which causes post workout crashes). PSI pre-workout should not cause any post-workout crash as it works by increasing blood flow around your body and improving mental focus and cognitive ability. It is non-stimulatory so there is very little effect on your adrenal glands and cortisol.

What is the optimal dosage?

The recommended dose is 1 scoop per day. However, for both RP Max and PSI, we recommend you test your tolerance to the pre-workouts and stimulants by starting with ½ a scoop and building up from there as required. We recommend taking no more than 2 scoops of PSI or RP Max pre-workout per day.

Can I stack these products?

PSI works very well with RP Max. RP Max can be combined with PSI, Beyond BCAA’s, L-Carnitine and OxyWhey Protein but should not be combined with OxyShred. RP Max may be stacked with OxyShred, but never taken at the same time due to high levels of caffeine. Beyond BCAA’s works optimally by taking it either during or post-workout when stacked with PSI or RP Max - this will help to deliver maximal anti-catabolic effects, improve stamina and muscle protein synthesis.

Can I add OxyShred to my Oxywhey Shake?

We recommend that you do not add OxyShred to your OxyWhey shake. OxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner drink and has a fruity flavor profile. OxyWhey is a lean protein shake and has more of a milkshake like appearance and texture, even when mixed only with water.

Is OxyWhey gluten and lactose free?

OxyWhey is gluten free. Although OxyWhey is extremely low in lactose, there are still trace quantities of lactose present in OxyWhey and if you have lactose allergies, you should test your tolerance levels prior to consistently consuming OxyWhey.

What is the best flavor of Oxywhey?

EHPlabs is renowned in the industry as having the best flavor scientists and formulators. All OxyWhey flavors are delicious, and your choice will depend on your personal taste and flavor inclinations. What we know for sure is that when you’re drinking OxyWhey, you’ll think you’re drinking a delicious, smooth milkshake.

How does Beyond BCAA help while dieting?

Beyond BCAA contains high levels of leucine, which is an essential amino acid required for muscle protein synthesis to ensure your muscles do not break down while you are dieting and training. Beyond BCAA also contains important electrolytes, including coconut water, to ensure that you remain hydrated, and the full B vitamin spectrum to promote natural energy production.

What kind of results can I expect from taking Beyond BCAA?

Beyond BCAA will dramatically reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. There will also be a noticeable difference in your muscle recovery time and your general well-being.

What is glutamine?

Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that can be produced by your body, but is one of the most important supplements you need for physical training. This is due to the fact that the majority of your glutamine is stored in muscles, so a significant amount (~50%) can be lost after an intense workout. This makes glutamine one of the most important supplements there is for those who visit the gym regularly or are bodybuilders. It has anti-catabolic effects to reduce muscle wasting and improve muscle anabolism, helps to hydrate muscle cells, improves immune function, boost growth hormone levels and increase glycogen storage. 

What time of day should I take glutamine?

Glutamine should be taken immediately post-workout as your intramuscular levels will be at their lowest, and it will have the greatest absorption and uptake at that time. On non-training days, it is best taken in the morning. 

I am new to the gym - is glutamine essential to my progression?

Being new to the gym, glutamine will be of large benefit to you as it will help you to maximise the effects of your workouts and help with your progression throughout your journey. As it helps to prevent muscle breakdown, enhances growth hormone levels and helps to hydrate your muscle cells, it will assist you to achieve your goals and progress in a faster way than you would without it. 

What positive effects does glutamine have for me outside of the gym?

Glutamine is a crucial amino acid in your body and plays many roles. Even outside of the gym, glutamine is used by your body in high amounts during periods of stress, helps to improve immune function, supports digestive health, mental wellness and also helps to improve muscle glycogen stores independent of insulin.

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