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Workout Plans

No iPhone? No problem! E-books designed for you to take anywhere, print out and keep forever! Comes with workout videos & step-by-step instructions. Gym and Home options available!
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Recipe & Meal Plans

Whether you want to lose body fat or build a booty, I’ve got the perfect plan for you! Choose between vegan or regular meals, and enjoy 100s of delicious recipes to suit your tastebuds!
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Your Workouts & Meals Sorted

With the WBK app, there’s no reason why you can’t reach your goals! I provide you with a structured training program along with a meal plan based on your goals.
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Delicious, Simple Recipes

My app has 100s of delicious recipes so you can adjust your meal plan to suit your tastebuds and preferences! Choose between vegan and regular, and swap out any meal that you wish!
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Interactive Workouts

Workout plans are structured so that you continue to improve and see results! Each exercise has an instructional video so that you know you’re doing it right, and exercise swaps in the case of an injury or personal preference.

Choose Your Workout Program

What’s your goal?
Choose a program that will help you achieve the exact results that you want

About WBK

Workouts By Katya is an international health and fitness brand brought to life in May 2016, created for the purpose of helping women who are on a journey similar to mine. For half a million girls worldwide, it is the go-to place for workout plans, recipe books, activewear and everything else in between!
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#WBKGIRLS Transformation

"You don’t need to be great to start, you just need to start to be great!"

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Workouts by Katya

Each Workout Plan, Meal Plan and piece of apparel within Workouts By Katya is created with care. We want you to feel amazing on the inside and outside! Each workout plan is strategically thought out so that you receive progressive sessions aimed towards getting you fitter, stronger and more active each day. Every meal plan that we create includes heaps of delicious recipes that we want you to look forward to eating. They are super simple so that you always feel motivated to cook them! And our apparel has been designed to make you feel your most confident self, looking great while being comfortable. Join Workouts By Katya today and be the most confident, healthy and happy version of yourself!