The supplement market is flooded with every product imaginable and they all have their own roles to play in maximizing your workout results. 

Unless you’ve done hours of research already, you might be a bit confused on where to start! It's very important that you know the difference between supplements that work and ones that don’t.

You should always remember that supplements don't put in the hard work for you! If you’re not killing it in the gym, supplements will not fix laziness.

They are exactly what they say they are; supplements! They should be taken with a good diet and positive mind set.

1. Whey Protein

Whey protein is a must have once you're immersed in the world of fitness, there are just too many benefits to ignore. Muscle growth and recovery are a couple reasons why protein is beneficial, but what many people don’t realize is that whey protein is also super convenient to have as a meal replacement.

If you’re low on time and don’t have time to cook a meal, protein shakes are the perfect answer!

Whey protein is considered one of the best sources of protein available. There are three different types of whey:

  1. 1. Whey concentrate (70-80% protein)

  2. 2. Whey isolate (~90% protein)

  3. 3. Whey hydrolysate

Whey protein has been proven to increase muscle growth due to the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis. A serving of protein every 3-4 hours will help in promoting muscle repair.

Whey protein can also aid in weight loss as a low-calorie meal replacement when you don’t have a meal prepared (like after the gym).

A common misconception I hear all the time when it comes to protein shakes is that drinking whey protein will make you grow huge and put on loads of size. This is definitely not true!

Excess calories—in the form of carbs, protein or fat— are what cause weight gain. If anything, whey protein is helpful with weight loss and toning because protein is more satiating (makes you feel full) than carbohydrates or fat.

When to use:

  • - Breakfast if you are short on time - protein smoothies are a delicious way to start the day

  • - After a workout to help replenish your body and assist with recovery

  • - During meals as an alternative protein source

  • - As a meal replacement

2. Fat-Burners (Thermogenics)

Fat-burners contain a mixture of ingredients that help to burn fat and increase your metabolism. The most important thing with fat-burners is to buy a product with known results, not one from dodgy websites. Many fat-burners will have less than the effective dose for most ingredients, so they lose their value.

This is why I use EHPlabs OxyShred; it is the number 1 fat-burner and has proven results which is why I have recommended it as part of my WBK stack. However, if you decide you would like to try another brand, be sure to read the labels and do research on clinically effective doses!

As well as obviously burning fat, these products provide you with energy-boosting effects. When you reduce calories, your body reduces the energy burned through activities like walking or typing. Fat-burners can help fat oxidation by boosting your energy levels and mood to burn more calories.

Just remember - fat can’t be spot reduced, so while it helps to mobilize fat you still need to train hard and eat well!

When to use:

  • - Before breakfast first thing in the morning (empty stomach)

  • - Before low intensity cardio sessions

  • - Instead of coffee

3. Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine is another supplement I use heaps and can also help with burning fat. L-Carnitine is a great fat-burner because it is responsible for transporting fatty acids into the cells to be used for energy!

What this means is, by raising the level of muscle carnitine, you can support the fat burning process. Increased energy levels - bonus!

I love L-Carnitine because apart from energy production and fat loss, carnitine also helps to increase workout performance, high intensity work capacity and especially my recovery.

A higher level of carnitine increases energy production and eliminating by-products of a hard workout exercise. When you supplement with L-Carnitine, by-products from intense exercise can be reduced by up to 44%!

You won’t ‘feel’ L-Carnitine when you take it like you do with other supplements. You will simply notice that you are recovering faster and able to workout harder for longer - no tingles, no crashes, just increased energy and fat burning! Yay! :)

When to use:

  • - Post-workout

  • - With any meal containing carbohydrates