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If you are on board my home-based 8 Week Beach Body Transformation, 8 Week Booty Builder program or New Me In 60 Challenge this blog is for you! Or maybe you simply prefer training in the comfort of your own home where you can crank the music and not worry about your hair or make-up. Either way, today I’m going to run you through all of the essential items you’re going to need to break a serious sweat without even leaving your house!


1. Water bottle

Even though your kitchen is in the same building, still make sure you have your water (or supps) bottle handy. Taking 5 to go to the kitchen to rehydrate will really diminish your flow, and will allow your body to cool and your heart rate to drop, which is not what we want!

2. Sweat Towel

You don’t have to worry about how sweaty you get, so crank up the intensity and get that body sweating! Just make sure you have your sweat towel handy to keep your living space hygenic and sweet smelling!

3. Yoga or Exercise Mat

You want to make sure you’re steady on your feet, plus you may need a little extra cushioning for any floor-based activities so an exercise or yoga mat is essential! My gym mat is reversible and slightly thicker than most basic mats, so will ensure you don’t get any bumps when you pick up the intensity. It is also non-slip, so is perfect for your stretching, yoga or pilates sessions too.

4. Bands

Bands are so versatile! Anyone that has seen my YouTube video will know that I love booty bands and have countless exercises to do with them. But you can use bands for more than just your glutes, you can get a whole body workout with them. They come in different lengths, thicknesses and materials and I have 3 versions available for all of my #WBKbabes. Firstly, there is the classic booty band, that is great for activating and working your glutes. Then I have the resistance band that can be used for all kinds of exercises from hip thrusts to assisted chin ups! Finally I have my training band, which is so versatile - you can use it for training your whole body as well as for stretching and flexibility training. If you are training at home you absolutely NEED to get yourself a set of bands!

5. Music

When I get my workout playlist blasting it puts me in the zone! There is nothing like the right kind of beats to get you pushing yourself further than you realised you could. Ask around and search your fitness inspo’s page to see what gets them feeling motivated and create a playlist on your music platform of choice. Nothing gets me excited to have an awesome session like listening to my favorite tunes!

Here are my 5 favorites to sweat to:

1. Sean Paul - Mad love (ft Becky G)

2. Offset & Metro Boomin - Ric Flair Drip

3. YG - Pop It, Shake It (ft DJ Mustard)

4. Justin Timberlake - Seniorita

5. Chris Brown - Confidence

Equipment Essentials

Once you have the basics, you can start to build a serious equipment collection. You don’t need to spend lots or buy big, bulky gym gear to create a home gym that will help you kick goals, you just need to be smart about your choices.

When you’re ready to really start investing in equipment here’s where you should start:

    • Bench or step (in the meantime you can use the couch or a chair)

    • Medicine Ball - great for strengthening specific areas as well as getting a whole body workout and pushing your cardio too!

    • Chin up bar - so versatile! You can do so much more on here than just chin ups.

    • Basic weights set - you can get really neat little weights sets that don’t take up too much space and are perfect for home workouts. If you’re not ready to commit to a whole set you can use my hollow dumbbells that are perfect for use at home or while you travel.

    • Foam roller - these aren’t just for self massage, you can also use your foam roller to add intensity to your workouts too!


So whether you’re new to working out or you already have a gym membership, but just want to create a fitness haven in your own home, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success by getting the right equipment! You can get all of my workout essentials in a convenient bundle in either my introductory exercise pack or my advanced exercise pack, or click here to check out my entire workout gear range!

Don’t forget that you will also need a PLAN! There are endless possibilities working out at home, but it is essential that you follow a plan in order to be efficient and productive with your time, to get you closer to your goals. If you feel you need a helping hand, my home-based training plans provide you with all the guidance you need to get you started.

Don’t forget to share your home sessions with me! I want to see my #WBKbabes using their WBK gear to help them achieve their dream bodies! Tag me in your posts and follow my fitness journey too @workouts_by_katya

Let’s Work!

Love Katya


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